Seattle Poker Toc League Thread

Okay so we had the first night of the many games leading up to the TOC in X amount of months to come and this is what we came up with. The top 5 players will be given points in each tournament. Those points are determined by the ammount of players in each tournament. Last night we had a turnout of 13 players so there was about 13-14 points to give (in order to make math easier on us)

Again for those that don’t understand what we are doing here, we will collect 1 extra dollar a tournament per entry, if you don’t want pay the entry fee, you don’t have to play in the tournament, cause seriously it’s only and extra dollar. That extra dollar will go towards the pot of the Tournament Of Champions (from now on known as TOC). The top 10 in point standings at the time of the TOC (points gained by placing top 5 in any tournament held in the series) will be invited to play in the tournemt for free. All others that are not qualified can enter the tournament at an undisclosed price when it occurs. Pots will be split 50% 30% 20% at every tournament no matter how many participants there are.

Have a nice day.


Jeff (Switchup) 18pts
Chris (Redbull) 14pts
Julian 14pts
Chris (Ic3) 12pts
Nolan 8pts
Julien (Zass) 7pts
Rowtron 6pts
Rob (Plummermover) 13pts
Jimmy (Peachy) 6pts
Kyle Chow 17pts
Ryanloop 5pts
Zach 5pts
Dwayne (D-Pain) 2pts
Mandel (Soysauce) 2pts
Frank (da dank) 1pt
Rattana (mr. R@t) 1pt
Ian (3)
Jetay 3 pts
Mark 10pts


CHIPS: You will be given 4x 25 chips, 9x 100 chips, 3x 500 chips, 3x 1k chips equaling 5500 total in chips.

blinds will start at 25-50 and will gradually increase in 15 min increments to 50-100, 75-150, 100-200 (at the begining of this round we will chip up), 200-400, 300-600, 400-800, 500-1000, 600-1200, 700-1400, 800-1600, 900-1800, 1000-2000, 1100-2200, 1200-2400, 1300-2600, etc. There will be no cap on blinds and no pauses (with the exception of the combining of tables and all nicotine breaks deamed necessary by the tournament director), if you must leave the table for any reason, the game will continue and YOU WILL BE BLINDED OUT. So if you want to play in another tournament while in My poker tournaments, you will be binded out, just weigh your decisions properly (a $95 purse is alot more than a $10 purse).

Player Think Periods:

Each player will be alloted aproximatly 1 min on thier turn to act, if another player on the table see’s fitting he can call this timer on the player to force a decision. Each player in the tournament is alloted 1 extension (extending their time another min) per round of blinds, but they do not carry over, so Only one extension per round of blinds per player.

Nice call on that last hand Nolan… I should’ve pushed you off on the turn, I’m sure you wouldve easily check-folded after the flop until you improved on the river. It’s also crazy how I didn’t tilt my chips away after misreading that hand with Rat. Thanks Peachy for playing the ST tournament and giving us your blinds. :rofl:

Thanks for taking care of this points madness Kyle.

yeah, good shit for sticking w/ it. i felt like you were due for an early exit after that, but you perservered. i could see how you were reluctanct to push w/ only pocket 7’s after that flop. just bad timing is all… i had no idea what you had. you’ll get me next time =]

Good Job to you Nolander… Even tho I didnt play you at all but I will next time…

good to meet you ajay. seems to me that bopnation needs an official team… all the members of bopnation should play santrax and then i’ll swith to msp and team bopnation will be my arch rivals and we can be enemies and then we can fight.

Update: There has been a grand prize to commemerate the winner of the first ever Team Seattle TOC in poker. A championship belt will be awarded to the winner and will be revealed tonite.

To the leaderboard winner or the winner of the TOC tournament? One is a proven winner over time and the other is the winner of the main event, a dilemma indeed. In any case, I look forward to seeing this belt. :rofl:

Oh yea, I meant to say this before but we should have a slower blind structure and larger starting stack for the final tournament so it’s more representative of skill rather than luck in winning all-in races. I have a blind schedule written up from when I wanted to change it before, we could even start using it now without the larger starting stack.

Okay guys game 2 of the TOC is done and here are the results.

Grats to Julien for winning 1st place Earning 7Pts

2nd Ryanloop earning 5pts
3rd Julian Blake earning 4pts
4th Dwayne earning 2pts
5th Phi Stevenson earning 2pts

6th Zach
7th Jeff
8th Phi
9th Mark Santos
10th Peachy
11th Jalbert
12th Rat
13th Michael (Row’s cousin)
14th Frank
15th Chris aka Redbull
16th Chris Ic39ine
17th Kyle Chow
18th Nolander
19th Robert Plumer

new blind structure and general rules for tournement update on top!

Um where’s the update from the last tourney? Who’s slackin on their pimpin? Cmon now…

Sorry It took so long to get these results up, but here they are.

1st Chris Redbul
2nd Rowtron
3rd Mandel Scott
4th Me
5th Frank
6th Chris Ic39ine
7th Julien
8th Trace
9th Julian
10th Rob
11th Dwayne
12th Jimmy

Thanks for running the tourneys, Kyle. Do you have the rankings updated?

Okay so i found the poker thread!!!

Here is the situation with the standings, I lost both results for the last two tournaments, and I appologize for not keeping up to date, it’s just SRK isn’t on my to do list atm, and I have been a little lazy with updating the standings, I will get the results tonite for both tournaments and post them up hopefully by the end of the weekend.

So you’re gonna find out the two tourney results and incorporate them into the rankings, or are they just gone-gone? I know I got third once since you last updated…

I might or might not enter tonight, trying to decide since if I should focus on ST or do both as usual.

Update bump

I know i have more than 6 pts. I won like 2 in a row. Represent.

Thanks for the ranking update Kyle!

Just curious, is the pot structure for the TOC going to be 50/30/20 also? I think it should be split a little bit more since there’s a lot of money in the pot, so more people could win.

Also, is there a Date for TOC?

Update bump

there’s my points! I was wondering where they went, I knew I had some because I won the first one :slight_smile:

Now that I know I have points I am motivated to play again hehe

edit:can you put my name like this : Julien (Zass)
to avoid confusion with Julian Blake? Thanks