Seattle SF4 Friendlist?


Okay if your wonderin where i’m gettin my inspiration for this, yes its from the Friend of Friend idea that was made up by someone else on the forums but this one is specifically for Seattle and PNW players =) and just for a quick break down for people that don’t know what i’m talkin about here is what i mean.

This will be a Silver Account (yes xbox live) for Xbox Live so people mainly from Seattle(Washington) can add it to their friendlist so that we can all have some online casuals and possibly some offline Casuals and maybe Tournaments =).

Main reason i’m doing this is to see if there is a Street Fighter 4 Scene here in the PNW so if your from Seattle, Washington or anywhere in Washington then place your GT’s here and i’ll make sure to send you a Friend Request so that we can get some games goin and make a bigger SF4 scene here in the Pacific NorthWest =).

I will be making the XBL account “SOON” so i’ll edit this post when i make the account =). Please and Thank You for participating =D.


gj you’re taking the initiative. GL :party:


seattle? i think your in the wrong thread
there u go


Ha. Welcome to Team Seattle. We’ve been here in full force, as arguably (or not :rofl:) the most tight-knit regional team out there. But the effort is noted.


Oh goodie, another gamertag thread. Clearly 5 is not enough, nor the handy green and red text under our avatars.


Welcome. We play online and at people’s houses/public places almost everyday of the week.

Post up here, and you will, as the thread says, get to know a negro better.