Seattle SouthCenter MvC2 12/15/02 results

** Seattle hasnt posted a results thread in a long ass time, but anywayz, heres tha results from tha last tourney we had, pretty fuckin crazy, Row didnt show, Scott owned up peeps, Cody infinalized peeps for fun, Trace screamed NATHAAAAN! I had to go two and out since I hadta work, Kuaneasy got ninth, Ian did the Evan Wenzel combo TO EVAN WENZEL!! Shit was crazy!!! Anywayz, heres the results and teams, etc.**

** 1st-Scott Wong-Magneto/Sentinel/Commando**
** 2nd-Rattana Phanthourath-Magneto/Sentinel/Commando**
** 3rd-BEEF BOEN!!! Cody Boentaran-Storm/Sentinel/Cable or Cyke or Commando**
** 4th-Ian T.-Storm/Sentinel/Commando**
** 5th-Trinh Nguyen-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 5th-Paris Conway-Storm/Sentinel/Cable**
** 7th-Frank Caraan-Magneto/Cable/Tron**
** 7th-Evan Wenzel (POOFY STORM DAT ASS!)-Cable/Storm/Cyclops**

** It was a 16 man tourney, hella good matches, pretty nice turnout, they needta advertise tha next one. Congrats to all tha top finishers.**

what happened to rowtron. Does he still play? Or is he saving the good shit for nationals?:smiley:

** Yup tha RowTron still plays, that foo was ownin me up the other day with Cyclops/Sentinel/Commando :bluu: **

how the fuck did those two guys place top2 with that team :lol: that’s what happens when rowtron doesn’t show up :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

row were playing halo at my place (and cleaning up my place)

Paris got fifth? That’s a killer right there boy! Manny Frizzle (that’s your new aka if it isn’t already :slight_smile: ), tell P. Diddy and Rob Downey I said ayyo.

** Hahaha Manny Frizzles kinda dope, I’ll tell em u said sup!!** :cool: