Seattle ST players to Portland?

Portland has come up to Seattle at least twice and played in ST (I have no idea how often for Marvel or before I started going to Zach’s.) We’ve been practicing ST like madmen at Julien Beaseley’s and Zach’s.

I’d love to take the trip just because I love Portland and have never played games there. So what do we need to do to get Seattle ST in Portland for a friendly tournament? You guys play on Console or arcade, I don’t even know… also, I need to Beat Hellsap’s ass at some KOF. :tup:

Also it gets old playing the same people/characters all the time.

Well considering the response Julien got for his thread asking PDX to come up to his house, I’ll sit out on a trip down there for ST. At best it seems like they have a vested interest in ST. Kinda like Seattle in 3S lol. I would go down there to kick it with Jetay, Ray, etc.

How bout just going down there period. That would be bomb!

They already came up a bunch of times, it makes sense if they’re a bit burned out. You’re saying you wouldn’t go even if you bummed a ride in my (or someone else’s) car, Mandel? You must be from STL with that level of grime.

I wouldn’t go down for ST, but just to kick it. I’ve never been to the PDX and just hung out before. Never actually been anywhere besides their mall.

I wouldn’t just do down there just to play games.

I would go down there to see the nig, Jetay and others.

It would be bomb either way.

When is Julien doing something at his house again? I wasn’t here the last time and I’d be willing to drive up one or two peeps to something up there. Weekends are best for me, but it seems like you guys do it during the week, though…

Deezo: I know we didn’t come up but you gotta give us a week’s notice or so to get shit together. Anyway, I’ve got access to a car so I’m going to try and get up there more often.

Oh, and if Seattle comes down to kick it that’s bomb.

Okay black folk, allow me to explain that if you are bumming a ride in my pimp ass '93 honda accord with only one side mirror, and it’s duct taped on, you are damn well gonna play ST. Especially if the last time I played you I paid your fucking entry fee and then you shouted how you were gonna bite my face and beat me with an ugly character.


Best. Post. Ever.

Airthrow, Your seriously going to go there with me, when you use Balrog to it’s cheapest ability even to the grimey gross ass throw reset that’s hella buff! MAN FUNK THAT!

But i would play ST for you though. If you were my ride. I wanna get good with some other characters and that game.

Maybe, I should find some other character that would interest me alot more. Don’t get it twisted niggas! I will bite YO FACE NIGGA! all day! Bops!

Pwned by Fullscreen.

Wow. Not much I can add to that.

if seattle comes down again, mandatory popeye’s raid.

if you showed up last time, you know what i’m talking about.


Africa is coming
j/k but seriously, I’d like to play some ST with you guys and see what all the buzz is…

If it’s a weekend I’m willing to go up with @js. My preformance in the tourney definitely shows I need some more work on my Dictator if I’m gonna get to MoreVega, YuuVega, or Taira’s level. I really want to second Hawk as my character but Im thinking of sticking with dee jay… If you guys do come down hopefully I’ll have some time to play you.

They have popeyes in PDX? WTF…

they got 2 on MLK i think it’s portlands big inside joke:lovin:

When I went there for a DR tourney we all went to Popeyes afterwards where Jetay occupied an entire table by himself (literally) and ate his food. It was bomb. Upon entering the restaurant Jetay said to Robert,

“See? Don’t you feel darker just steppin’ in here?”

dude, when i went with the crew, jetay ordered fucking thanksgiving dinner.


I miss Popeye’s. It’s good southern greasy slop. Haven’t had it since I moved back to Seattle.

On topic once more, when was the last time Portland had a tournament for ST? You guys still have an operating arcades. Do any of your arcades have ST with square gate sticks in good condition? If so, I’d be willing to truck down with some of the Seattle players. Provided that I had ample warning, a free schedule, and that Julian paid for the gas and my entry fee so that I could yell, “gonna yee-cho-face nigga!” I’d pay for my own entry fee for MvC2, because it would be rude to ask Full Screen to pay my entry fee if I planned on going 2 and out.

Yall niggas are gonna get enough about talking about my eating habits at Popeye’s. Yall just mad that i can eat as much as a want there and still be in better shape there! HATERS. Mad cuase i got the power to take over shit, even a table at popeye’s!

As far as ST goes: More then likely im not gonna be able to play b/c Im sure the clowns over here will drag you over to Art’s house and yall already know how that goes, So unless yall got idea’s, looks like im out! But if yall wanted to go to a club or something, im sure i can make something happen.