Seattle stick modders!

Hey everyone,

Recently I’ve been browsing the site looking for stick modders in the Seattle area. I found Kuneai but he’s from Mt Vermon. So Basically I have a stock T5 stick that needs to be modded with sanwa parts and I don’t plan to do it myself cause I’m conscious of killing my stick. If you could post how much you charge(or maybe free…if ya know what I mean) that would be great. Thanks

I’m not from Seattle, but if the Tekken stick is like the HRAP (I’m not sure it is, but they are both made by Hori and look externally exactly the same, sans the Tekken artwork)…

Then it shouldn’t be too hard. As long as you have a stick that has a five-pin connector (I was dumb enough to buy one without one, and had to get some help soldering it), all the parts are interchangable with virtually no knowledge of electronics. I could walk you through it on AIM or something, if you want.

Hey thanks for responding but from what I know(which is not much), I believe the buttons are soldered into the PCB. You’re from Washington?

Yeah, the buttons are soldered on, and you’ll likely have to cut the PCB a little to get it to fit the new buttons.

N paul wanna mod my stick for me? LOL

You know, I probably would. But I have no guarantee I can finish it in a day and I’m busy trying to move out this weekend.

Not to mention I can’t find half my crap right now.

Damn, well if you find your sanwa parts pm me or something.