Seattle to evo thread

Who is going? I already pre-registered, but I need to buy my tickets and arrange to sleep on a floor somewhere, Pablo offered me to sleep on his floor for a cool $100, can anybody beat that price? I’m trying to do this on the BUDGET TIP.

let me know how much your ticket is when you buy it!

Plane tickets are looking to be somewhere in the range of $250-$350, which doesn’t seem bad at all to me

there is also already a seattle evo planning thread :stuck_out_tongue:

wurr at? When are you guys going to fly out, I was thinking thursday night…

Nice one Julian, search or simply scroll the fuck down.

I’m debating on going or not…any suggestions?


Scrilla wise, it is not cheap but splitting it makes things bearable.

Plane tickets round trip: $300, give or take a bit and it also depends how soon/ late your order
Hotel room at the Tropicana: $450 (Thurs-monday)

Plane tickets are a bitch especially nowadays. They charge you for everything. “Excuse me sir, did you just fart on on the plane? If so, we charge $20 for every blast from the ass”. I travel light, one fat back pack and that’s it.

Money is not to much of a issue. I don’t want to go alone that’s for sure. I actually am wondering if I can go with someone and share a room chill with who ever.

My brother is getting married on the 8th, which makes going down a potential headache for me. So I’m about 20% likely to make it at this point. =\

Marvel doesnt start until Saturday if that concerns you.

Right, but getting back from Whidbey Island is a chore, so I’d probably have to take a red-eye or something like that.
I might still go, this just makes it much more of a headache. :smile:

My flight arrangments aren’t 100% for sure since I am flying on a buddy pass, but it is looking pretty good. Chances are high that I should be able to get down at 8:15 AM on the first day.

Has anyone worked out a room situation yet? From what I was hearing, a lot of people are willing to share a room. Post up if you willing to share a room to save some cash and we can get it worked out soon.

I have a room reserved but not a roommate yet. Since I’m a tired old man, I’d prefer to just share it with 1 other person, 1 to a bed… no sleeping on the floor or anything (maybe 1 at max).

I plan on using the room I rent to change and sleep in as short of a time as possible. I need enough space to hold one bag, take a shower, and lean against the wall to pass out. I have this image of going at EVO like I am going on a mission. No rest, all play, and a little business.

If I can end up paying around 100 or slightly more for a room, that would be ideal.

Seriously who the fuck would waste time SLEEPING when they went to evo? I know I wouldn’t! :woot:

yeah, all i wanna do is flip 100 for room.

All I wanna do is do a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom!


<plays the saxophone>

OK looks like I’m going this year who wants to be MY room mate? LOL!

Actually someone hit me back on a room price for me to pay them eh? I would really like to have a set price to budget off of.

I’m kinda heartbroken now. First SF4 and HD Remix are announced to be at Evo, and now Tatsunoko vs Capcom has been announced to be there. Next year, I guarantee, will be the GRAND RETURN OF THE DZO! But anyway, until then…


Goin James Brown on ya’ll niggas! What you know about that? What you know about that? What you know about that? (EY EY!) I know all about that!