Seattle to Fall Showdown: Carpool Organization Thread

Please use this thread to work out details on getting to Random Select’s Fall Showdown this Saturday. If you’re definitely going and have an open seat, or if you’re certain of your ability to attend but need a ride from Seattle, post up. Or, you could just post up to announce that you’re an out of towner who plans on attending. I’m sure that having a list of certain attendees would help the organizers (as things change a lot from the time that people registered online).

Be sure to mention which tournaments you’re playing in, as the schedule will dictate when you have to be on the road by. According to, here’s the official tournament schedule:

12PM: CvS2 & GG:AC
3PM: T5, MvC2, & KoF98:UM
6:45PM: 3s & ST

It takes between 1.5 to 3 hours to get to Portland from Seattle, depending on how much you speed. For example, to be safe, if you want to show up in time for MvC2, you should probably leave no later than 12:30PM.

Here’s the general picture, as I understand it.


  • Pablo, Airthrow, and myself will leave at around noon, since Pablo and I want to play MvC2.
  • Cole is going to drive down on Friday by himself, as he has other social plans.

Have Seat(s):

  • zass really wants to clown car so that everyone can chip in and save on gas. He’s only looking to play ST, but I think he’s willing to leave a little earlier. He lives in Ballard, can drive his car, but would also be willing to jump in another carpool. Brento is riding shotgun, but they still have seats!
  • Paul will be leaving from Preppy’s (Kirkland) at around 7 or 8AM on Saturday morning. Has 1 seat available right now. Kuenai, Alex (not Daikatana), and Kousuke will be riding with him.

Need Ride(s):

  • No one, presently. Don’t bitch about how you “would have gone” if only you had a ride!

I will update this first post and try to direct people to each other as necessary. If you want me to share your contact info with potential riders, let me know. If you explicitly don’t want someone in your car, definitely let me know.:china:


It would help if people who have carpools and or their driving situation already sorted out post up.

We have one spot left!!!

**If you need a ride and can go to zachs (or have us pick you up on the way there) on friday, call or text me at (360)202-0227.

We will try to leave Zach’s between 7 and 8 in the morning to catch early registration and casuals.**

Sorry for the all-bold text. Thought I would try and get as much attention to the post as I could :looney:

I agree. Seattlelites who have already ironed out their commute plans should post up as well. Currently, I’m wondering which of our Marvel players will be going. It would be a shame if we saw a repeat of Winter Showdown’s lack of attendance. Part of the reason why this thread was started was to spur the fence-straddlers to get involved.

I’m planning on going, I’m not sure how many seats I have tho.

Knowing our resident Marvel players, they’ll probably decide whether or not to go on Friday night. During your gaming session. Right when you offer them a ride. And only if it’s free.

Are there any players in Seattle who want to go to Fall Showdown but haven’t made arrangements yet? If you don’t have a ride, let me know within the next few hours. The more you put it off, the less likely I’ll be able to get a hold of a potential driver for you. No excuses, people. Everyone who wants to go should be able to go.

I’m carpooling with Zass.

Updated. I’m hoping that Evan, Nolan, Elias, Alex, and the rest of the bunch have already made plans. Trying to make arrangements the night before an out of town tournament would be execrable. If you don’t have plans with family or multiple beautiful women, you need to be at this tournament. Otherwise, your parents should be ashamed.

EDIT: This is the mechanical one saying C U THURR.

Now if I could just figure out who to play in ST.