Seattle Versus Tournaments

It’s not that I don’t think he found a good venue, its just that I have already done a few things as to how I’m going to run these, and it doesn’t really correlate well with a bar.

I have a specific vision of how I want to do things, and I appreciate the suggestions, however when they don’t correlate well with me, I get a bit upset…I created the thread for hype and re’assurance, not as a suggestion box for what people think that they need to have at the tournament. Comments like “We need marvel there” don’t fly well with me. Not that I dislike marvel, but I’m being micro managed and I don’t like that.

I’m not going to explain myself any more…

I’m trying to provide a venue for our tournaments so that they can feel like we still have a strong competitive healthy scene. Thats all that needs to be said.

Mickey’s got this guys, no sweat. He’s got the best intentions in mind so you know that’s enough for me to be content with what he finds suitable… Especially, being in the scene since it’s birth kind of gives him insight on what the community wants.

sounds like a plan. let us know how everything goes , so far sounds like alot of interest in having a venue and it should be amazing.

Seattle Versus Venue? I’d go.

Bars aren’t any good for the underage folks. I’m about to be 21 here soon, but I still will feel the pain of the young’ns. Like good 'ol Ghrrk right there. Unless by have a bar you mean has a side bar kinda thing.

well he said the age thing wouldnt matter as long as the underaged kids werent drinking but thats not what mickey wants to do anyway.

Man. Ya’ll corny. All ya’ll scrubs up north just LEAVING me and rcaido out.

I propose ya’ll moving down to Oly, picking up GW and sticking that shit on the back of a Toyota Tundra and bringing it with you.

That said, I might make it once or twice.

Actually, he’s against the super far north venue which is Gameclucks up here in Lynnwood. I’m down for south but not olympia/tukwila/kent kinda south. :smokin:


Hahaha, Pat.

I’m just playing with my post. I would try to work some magic on my wife to get myself up to wherever you guys host it.

She’d probably beat me for anything higher than FedWay, though. lol

I don’t understand women. Shouldn’t someone that loves you support things you enjoy doing?? :sad:

My boyfriend pays for my tourney entry fees when I’m broke. That’s love :lovin:

Is it cause you’re spending too much money on gas when you should be spending it on her or a baby? I guess I just don’t understand when people get married and they’re not allowed to be their own person ever again. D: I assume you haven’t introduced her to any stairs (lololo)? Not trying to hate, it just eludes me.

Sorry, hella off-topic. I’m down to help mr. mickey d.

I’m going to support this idea as much as humanly possible because I’d rather see this happen, I mean, I am a fan of SeattleVersus. :slight_smile:

Sufficient Power - A venue can be a variety of establishments, not all being equal, meaning he’s got it on his checklist of things to ask (The last thing we want is a place to have a black out, then try to charge us even more for renting it out/taking more time and costing us more coin).

Space - Mickey has this in mind and knows exactly what to look for in terms of what will be “enough” for us. Keep in mind, a venue of 1200sqft. compared to 1400sqft. can be the difference in a couple hundred dollars, so keep that in mind when he posts more on what the cover charge will be.

Set-ups - This is where the community has the chance to help. When the time comes, Mickey will make a post about it, as to whether the venue is already set-up for games (Like GameClucks) or if we’ll have to bring our own.

You - That’s right, I’m talking to you. You guys are going to be essential because depending on what Mickey will find, the necessity of RSVP’ing WILL be needed. He doesn’t want to rent a place that will cost $200 for the day, then only 10 people show up (That’s a cover charge of $20 a person, in case you haven’t gotten your abacus out in a while). Meaning this can make/break Mickey’s run if we don’t fully support him and follow through if we say we are going to make it. Because what if 30 no shows happened, then Mickey had already collected, and then he has to foot the rest of the bill? Not cool in the slightest.

Casuals - Nothing is more fun than having a casual, but if a place rents by the hour instead of the day, those will be Money matches between the NorthWest and the venue… Typically the house always wins in those settings. If you know a system is meant for tournament and it’s in use at that moment, do the right thing, DO NOT JUMP ON AND START PLAYING. Everyone is hungry to play, we get that, but once you start delaying tournaments because of a casual… Like Young Jeezy said: “If it ain’t makin dollars, it ain’t makin cents!” ~ Don’t be THAT guy.

In general, that’s all I have to say about the situation. Have faith that whatever Mickey comes up with, he has the best intentions which will help him in his search.

^-- Mckay, where’s your dedication… determination… drive…? =]

The Stiltmonster (and other Portlanders) used to come up regularly for Marvel tourneys at SilverCoin, and he has/had a wife and kid at that time too, I believe. Tell that to your wife. =]

As far as venues go, you might want to give F1rst P1ck Games a look. They just held a BlazBlue and SCVI Tournament there today and the place was great. Lots of space, 5 (or 4?) Wide Screen HD TV’s hung against the wall (with room for more setups), with plenty of room for all players to sit infront, a nice owner, drinks/snacks, and in a great part of Wallingford which is just outside of UW. It’s a great inbetween spot for Southend and Northend people, with lots of restaurants and great atomosphere. Just down the street from Woodland park.

40-50 heads would probably be the maximum as far as comfort goes, but if you are looking to hold them at decent intervals, over attendance wouldn’t be to big a problem.

The owner is obviously cool with holding tournaments, and the tournament entry fee was 3 dollars, so he doesn’t seem to interested in making a huge profit on house cut.

Even if it doesn’t work for how you see the regular tournaments going down, I think it could be a great spot for some random tournaments if people want to hold them.

Lol. That’s dedication right there.

My pockets need that kind of drive. Mama needs a new insert item!

^ Brent there’s a Soul Caliber 6?!?!?! damn when did that happen :slight_smile:

Where have you been Bokkin? They crossed with Square Enix for this one. I play Cyan from FFXI.

Kinda want to play this, just to mash with Kratos. But then I remember, it’s fucking Soul Caliber.

At least I’ve got 2 Kratos outfits for Sagat on SFIV.

Good luck with the SeattleVersus tournaments, Mike.