Seattle, WA gameclucks sfiv tourney 05/03/09

22 entrants

1st - Jason Cole, Dhalsim
2nd - John Michaels, Ken
3rd - Frank Caraan - Bison
4th - James S., Balrog
5th - Jalapno, Blanka and Paul Lee, Sagat
7th - Riki-oh, Bison and Paul G, Akuma.

Great turnout this showing, lot’s of new faces this time around.

Losers final went 3-0

Winners Final went 3-0

Congrats to the top finishers

How much was the prize and how long did this run?

The prize pot was $220.

Wait, whos Akuma placed?

I’m wondering that same thing, I thought only 2 people played Akuma this tournament, 1 being you and the other Carlos.

did I goof up somewhere? I’m just going off of what Cole gave to me. Maybe he used someone else?

Paul graham plays akuma

tourney ran hella smooth. 100 times faster then preppys lol. all due to the fact that we had 4 set ups going at all times. So it went hella fast. Might have to do that at preppys if taking over the main room does not work out.


I think Paul Graham used Ryu for most of the tournament. So if people don’t remember his Akuma, you might have played his offensive Ryu. GGs to everyone I played tho. Almost got me some of that fight money!:sad:

Paul G! That’s right, he let me borrow his lighter. Can’t believe I forgot. :smiley:

P.S. Good shit with that Rog of yours, great links.

Thanks dude. I was missing combos left and right all thru the tourney. Gotta work on that for the next one out there. I think I’ll be coming out to more of those gc tourneys. It goes way faster with multiple setups. Plus its fun to play against different people.