seattle what you got?

im on vacation in seattle just wanna fight someone in MvC2 from Jacksonville FL hit me iup wit a location dont got my stick ethier.

Thursday nights at Gameworks is a good bet for some MvC2 comp. Usually around 8pm there’s a decent crowd of players. The sticks are slightly iffy, but they’re decent enough.,-122.329416&spn=0.026324,0.052872&z=14&iwloc=A

Where in Seattle are you?

When are you leaving? There’s a shindig at my place this Friday.

kent leaving on tuesday. hopefully i get to see whats seattle style is so leave a number or something im down to play when ever… Snoqualmie Falls dope!

god i hope you leave kent soon

PM me your email address and I’ll send you the e-vite. :tup:

anyone wanna get up on Saturday?

some one give me their number so we can get up to play marvel

Haha. I’m down whenever. Give me a call at (360)202-0227