Seattle's most legendary stick- The Devil Z

(Excuse my dramatic thread title):

Some of you guys might remember I had a custom stick, which I never got around to painting so it was just sanwa parts in a wooden MDF box. This stick got a reputation as one of the best sticks to play on. Honestly, I think there is something about it that just makes execution easier and is super comfortable to play on. I hate TE sticks honestly…

Anyways, that stick is finally back and painted from my friend Zach. I told him I wanted a punk looking stick with a dark stormy cloud type motif, and he took it from there. I LOVE IT, and all it needs now is a 360 PCB and it will be all set.


one look at the devil z and you’ll never forget it…:slight_smile:

wow dude thats sick

very nice.

The best car anime ever by far. :tup:

In person IMO it looks even better, in the picture the mounting plate showing looks kind low budget but in real life you can tell it’s intentional and kind punk/frankensteinish.

Thanks, you’ll probably be kicking it at my house/or me at yours pretty soon w/ it.

This is the gayest and most emo thread title ever. The stick, I like.

also on one of the best games at GW = )