SeattleVersus - back in business

So as many of you know, I’ve been trying to jump back on my grind by posting more for the community over at SeattleVersus. I wanted to open this thread up for** people to give their suggestions** on how we build the site for our community.

What things would you like to see more often at SV? Would you be up for contributing to SV in any way? What things are we doing that you like? I’m trying to build SV around the community now more than ever so I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Currently we have a bit of residual damage from the hack in December. Comments are in a bit of a limbo and the ability to check out “specific” articles is in whack. However these sort of issues are mild and don’t stop me from wanting to post good content. All in all, I’m going to use this thread as a “help SV out” place where people can give insight, as well as a place to inform people about most recent content.

Current Projects:

“Define your play style!” A video project where I interview players in our area about the intricacies of their own play style. I’m really excited about working on it, and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Event calendar. I’m having a tough time updating the calendar. I don’t really know when events/sessions are being held so it makes it a bit difficult to keep things organized. Any insight on how I can get this covered?

I like the define your play style thing. I think for the event calendar to truly work well, people need to communicate their gathering plans to the site one way or another. Unless you were really dedicated enough to scour the boards all the time to find any potential info.

Sounds great! I’m excited for the “Define your play style!” segment, Mandel and I discuss a lot of related topics frequently…

Looking forward to what SV has to offer.

Yeah, there was one point where I would lurk the boards and stuff, but it got a bit time consuming. I have an email set up to let us know about events and all, but no one really uses it. I suppose things will pick up though once I give a bit more love to SV as a whole :tup:

i think podcast interviews with the top players from our scene would be dope. or even just recorded interviews that you post up even if you don’t do a live podcast. i would actually kinda help out with this. and i think this would help out the people in the scene who don’t necessarily get to make it out to events or sessions and don’t get first hand experience with our best players.

Needs more History Lessons with Frank and Video Breakdowns with Deezo. But yeah, the “define your playstyle” should be pretty interesting.

^— what he said

damn, one of the major problems I have besides TW’s is the next part of Team Seattle’s history is that I wasn’t really there for it (Job change, lack of a car). I’d have to talk with other people to get the lowdown about Seattle, because I could venture off into what Tacoma was doing, but there are a lot of stories where I’d have to change ppls names to protect the innocent…

I’m down with the play style thing…I proud of the way I have a different albeit less experienced play style…the event calender would be real cool…it was cool to pop on SV and see the Haka stuff the other day rather then having to wait through ign commercials…

Personally I liked the Frank/Mandel/Josh posts in the past…

Thanks for the input guys! I would want a podcast somewhere down the future, however for now I’m going to focus on pulling decent content and maintaining “damage control” as far as that goes.

As far as History Lessons and Video Throwbacks goes with Deezo and Frank (no love for Zig?), I’m not sure if they have the time for that stuff right now. I’m all for guest bloggers, but I feel like it takes a certain kind of “special” person who gives without any consolation.

Dude, if Frank and Mandel came back into the fold to do the segments they had, that shit would be too dope.

DYP sound extremely fascinating, actually. I’m all for that.
As far as the event calender goes, maybe it doesn’t have to be just you that adds things to it. Maybe the heads that are more in tune with the community can do it. Pat, Brent, Mandel, Frank, etc. Even other NW scenes like Oly with Aburnflags and Rcaido, and Portland with OMNE and Slash could update it. Community is community and this can be part of it.

Yeah I’d be down to contribute another video throwback one of these days. I know what video I wanna use also.

Mickey, you should upload that interview you’ve been holding onto! Cmon! :rock::rock::rock:

So, uhh…Is my interview with Kim ever going up? LoL.

James you get the gas face b. I was trying to keep that a secret!!!

But, but…I’ve been waiting like 4 months for it to go up. =/

It’s funny, 'cause the interview is probably going to sound hella out of date now.

We like throwbacks! =D

Define your playstyle sounds really cool, and I haven’t seen anyone else doing it, so you might have something there :tup:

Yeah Frank’s history of the scene was one of the more interesting articles I thought. Definitely a unique perspective that you wouldn’t get going to some other site.

Anymore of those cool shirts?

Mickey I would love to write up an article for sakuracon! Considering me and fae have been working on fighting game costumes the last few conventions. Ill have plenty of pictures ready.

Also, maybe we can work on the second segment of seeing through the minds eye, cuz I’ve den reading the art of war.

I well love the idea of define your playstyle, and think that small interviews would be nice cuz wall of text gets hard to read late at night.

One last thing before my phone dies, how about theory fighter? Something we can all look back on when super finally drops. I predicted a lot of stuff for Ibuki, and would like to elaborate on ideas.