Eliott and I would like to introduce to you:

We’ve both been really hyped and excited to actually come out with this. Think of SeattleVersus as OUR place for fighting game info. We’re going to have information regarding tournaments and open sessions, Northwest beef and drama (you gotta keep in the know right?), player interviews (possibly a NW podcast in the works?), a bit of strategy talk…things like THAT!

The site is in it’s beginning stages as of right now, so don’t judge TOO harshly…I honestly want to make this a great thing for Seattle, and Eliott and I have big plans for SV.

As you’ll see the most recent post is about the “Team Northwest Evo 2009 Shirt PRE ORDER.” If you are interested in getting a shirt (which I hope yall are, I’m hype for em’) please go ahead and POST YOUR SIZE in the article so we know how many of what size to order. The article can be found here (Mandel and Jacob are good examples).

All in all…tell me what ya think! And like I said in the intro…Lets make this Seattle’s Mecca for fighting game info!

I’ll be sure to talk as much shit as possible on there

looks good though


Am I missing the link to register on the site? Just checkin.

We’re in space.


The rawest site around.


The rest of these gaming sites look like some weak ass water.

“Buff” was all I could say when I looked at that site. That is amazing. This is exactly what the Northwest needs.

Not feelin the sonics color scheme but the layout and design is perfect. Nice and clean! Are you guys pretty set on the green/yellow?

Pretty much VERY set on the yellow and green. Old Sonics son!


dropped the URL in #sf4 on twitter :tup:

i want to punch you.

I want photoshop skills for a Hardbody logo. Color me sonic green with envy.

We need to rock those shirts for Evo, represent!

Good shit.

Those shirts look awesome. I’d be even more stoked if I lived in Seattle, haha.

No…I really don’t.

site is fire, get on the tshirts BITCHES

This ish is tight, like a cup of some strong water. Glad to see it. I need that shirt immediately, if not sooner.

edit: what I should of said was: mickey can you hook me up with a footrace? first to wendy’s wins

looks good… hook me up with a tshirt mickey ill pay you HAHA


alright, this looks good…

now im gonna needa SV cap!

That Seattle skyline pic is just…amazing.