SeaWorld trainer killed by orca

seaworld trainer falls in tank and gets killed by orca

Death by whale rape. Sweet.

When I become an evil villian that is how I will execute my foes.


Really…so why is it still in chillin in SeaWorld?

Aw, man. I was just there about two months ago. I wonder if he was one of the trainers I saw at the show.

EDIT: Nevermind. It’s Orlando. My mistake.

Seriously, if it was a Siberian Tiger it would’ve been dead by now…

Sea Worlds are gross relics of the past and should all be shut down.

Someone needs to free Willy.

One of Irrenicus’ relatives? :confused:

Anyone think the whale did it on porpoise?

Title should of been “Killer Whale **killed **trainer.”

I think people were too busy deciding on whether to call the Amberlamps, or Ambergris.

Ahhh i see what you did there.

“a sign that Tillikum had dragged him around the bottom and sides of the tank.”

From now on that thing’s name is Killinum.

Also, “Killer whales, or orcas, are not actually whales but the largest member of the dolphin family. The name killer whale comes from them being observed as sometimes killing whales for food.”

You learn something new everyday.

sooner or later whales will be upgraded to this…

Must be a slow night for pun jokes

^ Fishing for puns in the midst of tragedy? Can’t you sea a man’s life has been lost?

What do you expect when you keep an animal locked in some stupid cage all day long. One day they will fight back.

Except it was a woman that died. :coffee:

^ … Lol women.