SEB (South East Battles) Official Results (AUG 1-2)


SEB (South East Battles) Official Results:

1: Cajunstrike ($546.00)
2: JTO ($156.00)
3: SSJ GeorgeBush ($78.00)
4: namynam
5: ilovecola_man
5: Automattock
7: Shinkuur
7: TooMuchDamage
9: ShinBlanka
9: Metalmike
9: Chris Barnes
9: halcyonryu
13: Keith Daniels
13: NKidOB
13: Jason L
13: Darklight
17: Simple Ph33r
17: Vincent
17: CashMoney
17: Kevin Ao
17: WingZero
17: raekw0n187
17: Mexiwont
17: June
25: PokChop
25: Zach
25: Eric Barlow
25: Heidern98
25: JayEZ-going
25: electric
25: Qkonglongdong
25: Real Talk HeadStomp
33: Ryan H
33: V.A.Doom
33: TigerSexual
33: spookydonkey
33: Issac
33: MPR
33: C
33: plotraver
33: Esjihn
33: Chris Sandlin
33: ZugZug
33: KrazyKorean
33: Kilgore
33: Red Zo
33: Nitrox
33: Digital
49: Clint Jr
49: P-Soul
49: Dumba99
49: KiyokiMSG
49: madara itachi
49: Jimmy
49: Arson
49: TomWarrior
49: Dusty
49: Wieland
49: B Ninja J
49: Coast
49: kRaZzY
49: Teii
49: Fist of Fury
49: C Deezy
65: vyang
65: Tape
65: Rounder
65: STD
65: Iggy
65: Max Yang
65: Lil Kong
65: Alex McCormick
65: SuperDriver
65: SlayerX4
65: QCF Punch
65: ColeShock
65: Diron
97: Excited
97: CKSL

1: Kajoq ($189.00)
2: Red Zo ($54.00)
3: SSJ GeorgeBush ($27.00)
4: raekw0n187
5: Cordy
5: Syn
7: Isu
7: SolidPlay
9: BearsAreScary
9: namynam
9: vyang
9: Heidern98
13: Trungyy
13: Esjihn
13: C Deezy
13: CashMoney
17: Diggszz
17: KiyokiMSG
17: Ryan H
17: Mdigibou
17: Bumnut
17: Jaide
17: Wieland
17: M0N0
25: madara itachi
25: Jason L
25: Coast
25: Spud
25: flaming Burrito
25: DeadlyRaveNeo

1: Cajunstrike ($45.50)
2: P-Soul ($13.00)
3: Jason L ($6.50)
4: Automattock
5: DeadlyRaveNeo
5: Esjihn
7: Lil Kong
7: ShinBlanka
9: Ryusuke
9: Diron
9: Excited
9: madara itachi
13: MPR
13: CKSL
13: Metalmike
13: Darklight
17: Xif
17: spookydonkey

1: LambChop ($126.00)
2: Player 1 ($36.00)
3: Desu ($18.00)
4: Bleak
5: Albino
5: Billy
7: Teh Umby
7: Antic
9: Musa Sillah
9: Dynomite
9: BearsAreScary
9: GTR
13: CS
13: Kajoq
13: BigMan
13: Player 3
17: Dumba99
17: MJustinZero

1: Player1 beat Desu (Desu & Player 1) ($63.00)
2: Dynolicious (Dynomite & Billy) ($18.00)
3: PB&J & Lambchop (PB&J & Lambchop) ($9.00)
4: Team Bang (Xif & Eliot)
5: BigMen (Hichez & Bigman)
5: theEntire Nation of China (Umby & Albino)
7: GTR & Antic (GTR & Antic)
7: Happy Birthday (Dumba99 & namynam)
9: FantasticClassic (Tail# & + fire)

3S:Third Strike
1: C ($24.50)
2: ShinBlanka ($7.00)
3: Risu ($3.50)
5: PokChop
6: Arsun
7: InfiniteSpawn

1: PokChop ($14.00)
2: Risu ($4.00)
3: OMG ($2.00)

1: clifferd jones ($28.00)
2: PokChop ($8.00)
3: OMG ($4.00)
4: Young
5: Diron
6: Koto
7: ZAC
8: The Heath Inspector

1: Lambchop ($84.00)
2: Chaddd ($24.00)
3: Doggie ($12.00)
4: Soft
5: GAWes
5: FullMetal Mike
7: Dan
7: Herochima
9: Labelia Prime
9: Alpha Gundam
9: Ako
9: C
13: PB&J

1: BoysAreBackInTown (FullMetalMike & Soft) ($42.00)
2: Stock Takers (PB&J & Lambchop) ($12.00)
3: Dark as Hell Alliance (Alpha & Doggy) ($6.00)
4: Awesome Team (Chadd & Wes)
5: What You Guys Been Doing All Summer (Xif & Marty)
5: Advent Children (C & Merck)

Thanks to all of you peeps who came out to support this. We enjoyed hosting this very much. I hope everybody had a good time and will return to WaBa GaMe in the future. Thanks to Larry for hyping this like no other, much respect sir.

p.s. If anybody wants to help WaBa elevate the community in a positive direction, please contact me with suggestions, critics, and/or volunteer to organize and hype WaBa Weeklies/Monthlies. Thanks in advance for your input.


Thanks for being great host Min. I had a great time this weekend and you guys made everyone feel at home. Thanks to everyone that attended SEB. We had alot of players from across the SouthEast. From, florida, bama, nc, sc, tn, and of course my Ga. peeps. Thanks to everyone that helped me run SEB.(jeff, ricky, tray, hayward, pb&j, waba staff, Min) It was good playing against new peeps. I hope I didn’t scrub it up too bad with my old man skills.:xeye:

Alex Roski won the free entry badge for Final Round13 and free entry+high seed in kof12 and and SF4 at FR13. Ray “Kajoq” won BB so he get’s free badge+free entry+high seed at FR13 in blazeblu. No one sign up for soul calibur and no one plays that game anymore so it’s being droped from FR13.:tdown: I had most of the older games on the 2nd day of SEB to see if the community still wants to play those games or have they moved on from them. I got my answer today because we had hardly any turnout for the 2nd day of SEB.

I want to appoligize to anyone that traveled to a tournament I hosted an the tournament didn’t run due to no one showing up. I have to improve on my promoting because that should never happen. I think the scene is starting to move on from the older games. I already have a game that could take soul calibur’s place at fr13.:pleased: That will be announced on 8-3-09. I hope I see everyone at FR13. SEB will be my 2nd and only tournament right now that I will do besides FR. Look for future SEB next year in august. :cool:

P.S. Min- could you also add the player real names with their tag names if that’s not a problem. I need to test out a data base we are going to use for FR13 so I need all of the info of the players.


Great Stuff Min and Larry. Tourney was a blast, I’m still amped about taking BlazBlue after having to come back through losers. Kentucky What!!

Venue ended up being great, the power issues were disheartening at first but quickly taken care. Lots of space and set ups.

Shame on people for bailin out after saturday. Today was pretty barren.

Props to everyone who did well, Props to everyone who made it happen and good lookin out. I’ll see you guys next tourney


My ride never called me for today…I wanted to go…


Raspberry Mocha!!



Jibbo is in there


Good games everyone. It was my very first tournament and I did ok. Cant wait for FR XIII!


Gs Alex.

Gs Larry.


Any chance of the matches going up on youtube with the stream difficulties.


This event was so awesome, i can’t wait for FRXIII, i’m so inspired to get around and playing now, most people were chill, but man, i’ve never seen so many people playing games outside of the arcade like that in a long time, see everyone at another event


GS Alex


Good job to Nam and Don reppin’ Augusta in SF4! And I guess Raph too since we still consider him AUG material aswell! And good job to JTO taking 2nd! You finally got outta that 4th place spot and made it to the money!! Wish I coulda been there! Hope to see some vids up soon!!


Wow big homey alex roski holding it down for real

Jibbo I see jOO gs too


GS everyone. I had a great time. The venue was nice as hell and it took me back just looking around. I was tempted to drop so much loot on some old school games but I had to restrain myself cuz I have too much financial shit to take care of atm. :looney:

Hope to play with yall again soon and hopefully I’ll be able to travel out more once I get my shit together. GGs. 'Til the next time we meet. :nunchuck:


Good Times guys good times. This was too fun. GS to everyone there. GS to Larry and DeadlyRaveNeo for getting KOF XII so hype. GS to Min for helping run the thing. Cant wait for FR.


After watching sf4 at seb I think I have a better vision of the best players in the SE as a whole. I will never run 2 different systems for any game again. SF4 will be ps3 only at any of my events. I advise the 360 players to get their joysticks dual modded because ps3 is the standard for tournament play. Gg’s to everyone I played in the tournament and in casual play. Rashid has the best rose in the usa. Ralpy has the best gief in the usa. Jibbo has the best gen in the usa. Alex roski has 1 of the best sagat’s in the usa. I wish atl’s best player would have showed (clint) up. JTO from the atl has one of the best HOLYFIELD’s(rog) on the EC. Wingzero has the best ryu in the SE. Halconryu has the best nacho on the EC that I’ve played against.

I could go on and on, but my point is that the SE isn’t as weak as people around the community think they are. I wish more of florida would have came so we could have really seen how every state measured up to each other. Hopefully with the SE ranbat system we can have more players travel to the major SE hub states. SEB was the 1st of the SE ranbat system tournaments. The next SE ranbat will be at impact clash but we are trying to get 1 in florida in september. We are looking to add an NC and florida tournament to the se ranbat system right now since they are SE scene hub states. Other states can be added also. Iceman hit me up later on my cell so we can start the ranbat system asap.

The next SE ranbat should be at dnyc3 event in september. He told me they are going to have an extra 1000 bucks bonus added to whatever the pot is for sf4!!! :wow: dnyc3 has been holding it down in south florida with his tournaments so please try to support the SE ranbat tournaments. The winner of the SE ranbat system will receive a dual modded TE stick at FR13.


We need to talk sir.


cajun gs and gg. remeber the ex messiah masher next time whoop him in the tournament for me. hope to see you at fr for tvc and man how are you so solid at kof12 already? it was cool to see everyone and i havent seen you guys in a long time. ill try to swing by friday at ep hopfully.
raph gg’s and ray bb is gay :lol: i might keep playing it might not.


GGs everyone
had a lot of fun

though next time could y’all decide on one system and keep it that way at the whole tournament or at least say ahead of time which one is the preferred one so we could come accordingly prepared with the right kind of stick and/or converter?


This tournament was so epic! Thanks again Larry for setting this whole thing up! Met a lot of new faces, and I sure won’t forget any of them. I guess if I want place just as well, if not better at Final Round, then I’ll have to practice A LOT more intensely. I can’t wait to see who shows up for Final Round!