SEC mvc2 results


Mixup wins ticket to evo
2nd raekwon
3rd Sentinall!!!
4th Blaziniflo

Was a roundrobin tournament for points, and final 4 played double elim.


Good shit Mike.

Cya at Evo.


congrats mike for winning and isaac for placing 2nd!!:slight_smile:


Great fucking Job Mike… Tell me your flight Info so I can know when you get there so I can be at the Hotel so you can put your bags In the room… k… Great Job again… and Reakwon good job foo…:smiley: :smiley: Man Justin, what happened…How you got 4th lolz Well good Job too foo wish you would have gotten higher… Laterz guys… Mike and Justin, Evo here we come…lolz


Hell fuking yeah!!! Congrats to all the ppl that played. Mike I knew u would win!! Good Luck at Evo. Awesome job man!!!:cool:


good shit isaac.


Good seeing everyone again, I had fun even though the turnout was pretty crappy. I know marvel had 9 and ggx2 only had 7. TJ you should just hold all the tourneys there, the location is pretty nice. Team scrub is apparently the team of the south now. anyways, see you guys at evolution. Maybe justin will rematch me with my assisst button actually working then.:bluu:


See I told you that was the finals. What was the score and who was coming from loser’s???

Good job to Mike now you got no choice but to rep the south at EVO.




yo tj next time u have to use my store let me young or aaron now a little bit more ahead of time ok


good games all ,and I’lll see you f00s at evo .:smiley:


Great job Mike!!!

I knew you’d find you’re way to the biggest tournament of the year!

It sounds pretty bad the turn out, but Mike you deserve those tickets :wink:

Great job do well for all of us! :smiley:



I asked that chick who worked there. Thats not your store!!! lol what are you talking about!

Thanks for the props people.


how many people entered?


my sources told me only 9 ppl showed up…clean fucking waste…


Who cares how many people showed, Way to go Mike I’m glad to see your gonna get the chance to prove to everyone else what we allready know about you here in Fl. Do it real B.I.G homie


Good job mike! Man only 9 people OMFG, well see you at EVO2k3.



uhhh…no there were 14 ppl.

like it matters, but whatever

If Ed hadn’t had to leave the top four places would have been slightly different. (Ed had a lot of points in the round robin tournament…even more than raekwon if i’m not mistaken).


If ed didn’t have to go home early, raekwon187 wouldn’t have made the top4. Ed’s the MAN!!!

Pts going into top4

Mike 8
Blaziniflo 7
Ed 6
Sentinal!!! 6
Raekwon 5


Was there even a CvS2 tournament? Who won?


Alex won the CvS2 finals.

Man…I swear…I don’t know if its JUST me, but I was highly disappointed and disgusted with the organization of the tournament. I mean; I wouldn’t be pissed if I drove from Bham or something, but to drive from Atlanta to Dothan, then to get the run-around we got, the competition was good in MvC2, but overall, the turnout wasn’t near what I expected. I was told 50+ people but it wound up to be about 20.

Now I appreciate the effort to organize a trip to evolution so the Atlantic South would get some recognition…well, I ain’t gun fuss too much, but here are some tips to maybe think about b4 throwing another one.

*keep the people informed, if you’ve been banned from the tourny site, please tell somebody

*have everything squared away by the day of the tourny, maybe before you even posting about having a tourny, I am sure people wouldn’t mind if you did it WAY in advance

*make a list of who is coming, and post it.

Now you might be thinkin…you’ve never even ran a tourny, shut ya mouth. Exactly, I haven’t, for the reason that I am very busy. Too busy to do these things. I hope this doesn’t offend whoever was responsible for different aspects of organization. Think of it as constructive critiscism. Thanks for throwing one though, sincerely.