Second Saturday $5 Brackets - Chicago, IL- 3/12/11


**Saturday, March 12th: Casuals and $5 Brackets at Treasure Town on Chicago’s south side

Address:** 2106 S. Kedzie. the northwest corner of 21st and kedzie. (they’re literally less than a block away from the pink line, or if you’re driving they have an empty lot right next to their warehouse to park in)
Time: 7pm until ~2 or 3am
Casual Games: ssf4, mvc3, ah3
Bracket Game(s): whichever has the most people playing that are down to put money on it. it may be just one, it may be all 3. the problem with deciding what games will get bet on is… YOU

BRING YOUR OWN STICK & TRY TO BRING ANYTHING TO HELP US HAVE MORE SET UPS. even chairs or a table would be a huge help.

For Future Reference: Treasure Town will be having these the 2nd saturday of every month unless the house is hosting a show for any touring bands that need that day…in which case it will be the 3rd saturday. ill post on here the week of, but if youd like to get notice any sooner than that you can keep in touch with the facebook Event Page i made for this. and i know that event page only lasts through july 2nd…facebook doesnt allow you to make ongoing events that last longer than a handful of months

FYI: Treasure Town is not a venue or place of business, so dont look for a sign. it is simply a warehouse that a bunch of my friends from the punk and hardcore scene rent out to host things like this. so keep in mind you’re in somebody’s home

drinks and smokes are welcome.

PM me if you’re interested. if people get in touch with me ahead of time i can figure out how many set ups we will need and which game(s) will most like have brackets.


damn soo late in the day.


i couldnt agree more, but unfortunately only 2 of the 10+ residents are gamers, so not everyone is down with letting me come over and designate an entire saturday to gaming. originally they wanted it to be 8pm :tdown:

if this first one gets a good turn out ill talk to them about starting next months sooner, but for now this will have to do.


I’ll do my best to be there


Is marvel on ps triple or xbawks?


damn is anyone going to this


yo, this is NOT happening… shits going down at GGA instead. sorry for the late notice but up until about 12 hours ago i had no idea that this wasnt gunna be a turnout worth while. been trying to text and salvage it, but nobody is getting back to me, so fuck it, GGA it is.

mods please dont delete this thread until tomorrow so anyone planning on coming can know it aint happening. hopefully next month will be better.