Second SSF2T Mexican Gathering, November 2013


Hello everyone!!!

This past year our ST community had an experiment, we said “f*ck it, we’re going to have a gathering and let’s see what happens”, that time we did it just for fun, and guess what happened? everyone showed up, no exceptions. We were all surprised to see everyone gathered, enjoying drinking, having fun, laughing and above all, playing SSF2T!

Our goal was to see how well people responded to it and to meet each other mainly. Our goal this time is to make the gathering and the community BIGGER and BETTER.

So with all this in mind, I proudly present to you the Second Mexican Gathering, wich will be November 15,16,17 (and probably 18), 2013 in Mexico City. Notable players that will be in attendence: djfrijoles, yito2k, jarek04, smiley (._.), seshomaru, ceks10, robbiers and many others.

We will have a stream every day and a bunch of tournaments like the classic team tournament, starcup, singles & double elimination, FT10’s and MORE!

If you missed our last gathering, you can catch the thread and photos here:

Videos of the stream can be found here:

Facebook group:

I’m going to post more news and a couple of surprises in the coming weeks! stay tunned!


Sounds good man, it’s interesting to see what different players around the world are doing. If you guys have the means to do it, you should try to make some quick player profile videos or talk a little bit about the history of the ST scene in Mexico; I’d be interested to see it!


im ready to beat all


on a more serious note, how many people do you expect and whats the entry and rules for this? small, small, small chance i might roll out with someone else who is pretty good at this game too :slight_smile: ill be waiting for you answer. thanks!


Sup old man. Want some get some! lol.

It’s a long trip and I myself had to quit my job just to go to this lol and have to travel 9 hours so let me be up front with you from the gate.

This is more of a big ass 3-4 day drinking, eating, laughing, streaming, casuals thing with some tournaments thrown in the mix. There is no big venue. We all stay at Kyouyas 1 Block wide house lol. It stretches from the front of the block to the back lol.

We were desperately trying to raise money for hardware for this years event but being brutally honest with you, we just cant affor it.

We can’t give you a genuine arcade tournament unfortunatley but I think I speak for every beaner when I say you and any other visitors will be treated as our guests of honor and we promise to feed you till you cant eat anymore and give you enough drink to have you spinning more than my Hawk will lol.

In light of your interest we could put together a pot for one of the tournaments. Nothing big but just to make it a little more interesting.

You don’t have to worry about food and board expenses but our alchohol kept running out last year so you might have to pitch in for that lol. Just get your ass out here and we’ll do the rest.

This is us last year and we are expecting more than double this.

You are actually the second person from Cali to show interest in visiting us and getting a taste of all of mexicos finest.

Waiting on confirmation from someone from Nor Cal at the moment.

Let me know whatchu think old man and thanks for the interest.


It’s pretty much what djfrijoles said.

We really want this to be big, but this year we all were short on money, so we couldn’t afford a cps2 board and a supergun.

If you are going to be around here, my home is your home.


9 hours sound mid tier compared to 22 LOL fuckin hurricane just made things worse for me, hopefully I will be attendin again, n macro’ing n turbo’in (nah just macro)


thanks for the quick reply. i just really need to get the hell out of my house and take a mini-vacation. figured mexico would be a sick destination and might as well try to attend some event. if all works out by some miracle i will still come visit. thanks again and maybe ill meet you all soon!


I proudly bring to you the 2nd Anual Mexican Gathering 2013 Tournament Trailer


Challonge organization, i will update every bracket when each tournament begins.

Also, i will provide a stream link when its ready.


Pictures? Stream URL? anything?




Wait for the stream a little more.



Streaming right now, just casuals between yito and me.


Tournament brackets, i will post the youtube links when yito upload all the footage.



Grilled onions… mmmm.


I know you boys are doing it right when I see grilled green onions.

Also, that pic of djfrijoles cuddling ultracombo, LOL.


Stream was really good last night more people should have watched.