Second thoughts on the Tekken 6 Fightstick

Well I preordered my Tekken 6 bundle earlier this month because I really wanted a fightstick because of the fun I have playing SF4 at the arcades and due to the fact I wanted to enhance my gaming but after a bit of research I see that there are better sticks out there such as the TE stick. Do you guys think I should just get a TE stick since it has Sanwa parts I know that Hori made the new Tekken sticks but I hear Hori isn’t the most reliable. So any thoughts on what I should do or should I just get the Tekken stick?

Just do whatever you think is best. Do you see yourself modding the Tekken stick in the future? If you really want Sanwas and you want them now then just go get that TE.

Well does Sanwa make a big difference?

Now now, I’ll let you be the judge of that, just do a search on the boards.

the TE stick is a piece of garbage made by madcatz…get a hori and mod it or buy a custom stick w/ sanwa or seimitsu parts

TE = waste of money…you can by a HFS3 and mod it or if you don’t know how or want to learn how get an HRAP3 and mod that, which is far easier and still less money + a better stick overall

Actually earlier this week I had the T6 bundle preordered at my local gamestop and I was pretty excited about it at first but then again I got to thinking I just preordered that just so I could get the stick. What I really need is a TE stick for the PS3 for some up coming Tournaments so what I did was get all my money back from the T6 bundle and when and reserved the MVC2 TE stick coming out in NOV. I was in the same boat.

I say if you’re actually wanting to play some T6 and have a pretty good stick then go for the T6 bundle.

But if you are looking for a really good stick to play on for SF4 then I would go preorder the MVC2 TE stick. Its 10 dollars more than the bundle but I think its worth it.

yeah sure buy a stick, then buy parts, waste your time putting it together


get a te which already has the parts that you’re going to buy anyway already in it. te is the best thing in the market, nothing is better. preference is one thing but the important thing is good, reliable parts. hori parts are ok but they don’t feel as good nor are as precise as sanwa parts.

if you want the best thing possible for the least amount of effort get yourself a te and save yourself the headache of having to mod your own stick. it is fun to do, but I doubt you’re gonna want to go through all the trouble of soldering and all sorts of other stuff.

imo the te is the best option because it has a nice sturdy box which isnt tiny and isn’t too fat. it most importantly it has the sanwa parts that you are most likely to get anyway to swap into any other stick you would’ve bought.

the hrap gets an honorable mention and the SE ones come with sanwa parts iirc but the boxes are nowhere nearly as visually appealing as the TE box. hrap is a little too fat for my taste.

well this sure is helpful.

HRAP3SA > TEs. Only one console, though. It’d be an interesting project to dual mod.

Rock solid PCB (unlike MadCatz), Sanwa parts (like Madcatz), Solid construction (unlike MadCatz) and similar footprint. Oh, and cheaper.

Yeah except for the 100’s of people who have their TEs boards fail on them. How often do you hear of Hori stick circuit boards breaking?

My advice…just give both sticks a try first
I’ve tried both the SE and the TE sticks, and although majority of people said TE is better, I think the layout of SE fits me the best
So it’s the matter of preference really, different from person to person

If HRAP 3 SE’s were available anywhere I’d be giving them a glowing endorsement.

I’ve gotten a chance to get my hands on the PS3 version of the T6 wireless stick for at least 15 matches and went back and forth between that stick and the TE stick. Did fine with both. I did end up canceling my T6 bundle and will stick to my custom or TE sticks due to the fact that the T6 felt very cheap (entire thing seems to be made of plastic).

Comment on stick and button: feels like the generic hori stick/buttons so it’s the same general complaints about stock hori buttons.

Since I tend to mod my sticks with sanwa parts, I think it’s possible on this stick but not entirely sure if there’s room for a JLF. The T6 is very compact and light.

Didn’t feel any lag on the wireless except for 1 round where the X button stopped responding. Fixed itself when I hit the back of the stick a bit but that makes me think the hori buttons are soldered onto the PCB like other hori sticks with stock hori buttons.

If I can get a good deal on the Japanese Tekken 6 wired stick i’d choose that over this one.

My 2 cents so take it as it is… just my personal opinion from my experience trying the stick.

HRAP3 SA and HRAP-EX SE are available on amazon. Both for less than a TE. The SA is beautiful by the way. They use a hard plastic laminate on the top panel that is way nicer than the regular HRAP lame sticker, easier access to the insides, and superior mounting bracket for the joystick. Also tons of room inside if you are going to dual mod or store weed in there or something.
For 360 its more of a tossup simply because the TE is common ground and the HRAP-EX is not, so no dual mod on the Hori.
Personal preference all the way though. For me its HRAP (Viewlix layout can kiss my ass).

The wireless Tekken 6 stick is soo nice to play with. It definitely has a low profile on it and it’s definitely one of my favorite manufactured sticks. At the moment it’s a 360 stick but I am going to dual mod it with a ShinJin Sixaxis Wireless Board. I’ll have it documented soon.

This wins the thread.

Only negative thing about the HRAP3SA is that none of them are common ground, leaving you only with complicated dual mod solutions. Well, this is only a problem if you plan on dual modding. If not, it’s pretty much the perfect solution.


TE stick is the best stick currently that you can get out of the box in the US.

I recently picked up a HRAP3 SA and it’s fantastic. I prefer it over my TE by a mile. Just felt right as soon as I pulled it out of the box and only cost me $110 but then again I bought it at my local import shop.

FreezerB, the PCB in HRAP 3 SA is Common Ground.