Secondary Character to Evil Ryu

Which character would be a good secondary character to e ryu? I wanted to play as Viper or maybe Juri? Can anyone give me some choices?

Yun. Lol

I’m no expert on the subject, but I find playing the 3 main shotos to work vs. the entire cast. Ryu, Ken, Evil Ryu. There are other pseudo shotos, but their playstyles are a lot different(Akuma, Sakura, Dan). At least for me, which I pick depends a lot on the and dragon punch. I like playing evil ryu the best, but if they’re going to out footsie me because I have a slow poke, I’ll use ken or ryu. At that point it depends on what dp is going to be more useful. Kens hp dp works against long range jump ins. Like when gief or honda will do j.hp from max range. They have lower body invulnerability to fireballs with these attacks so you can’t use that to AA like you can some other long range jumps. You need ken’s dp that moves forward. But then for stuff like xup dive kicks or even a bison headstomp on you wakeup, Ryu’s hp dp hitbox is so huge you can hit them without auto correcting it.

I like using Bison, Balrog and Gouken personally…not sure why, probably partially because I used to have an obsession with charge characters relating to Bison/Rog…to build off of Dannkk tho ever since I started E. Ryu I have a tendancy to want to cr.MK to Fireball…I like with Bison that I can cr.MK/LK to Scissors…just my preference.

The reason why I said Yun is a good secondary is because E Ryu’s worst matchups, in my opinion, are against Vega, Rose, Balrog, Bison, and to a lesser extent, Chun Li. Yun does well against all of those characters except for maybe Balrog, not too sure about that matchup.