Secondary Character?

So the more and more I play, the more I realize just how bad some matches are for Guile, yes there is the fact of learning the matches, but besides doing that, which I have tried countless times, who do you guys think would be a good secondary character to go with Guile?

Fei Long.

He’s the exact opposite of everything Guile is. (well, in AE that is).
Non charge, pure rushdown, counterhitting, massive damage character.

Rufus: because his dive kick mix-ups and rush down are really frightening when he gets in, plus he has alot of health and his ultras have multiple setups.

Like Guile, he also has very low stun.

I agree with the Fei Long proposition. I know a few of the euro ranked dudes that play good Dhalsims, so i counter pick them with Fei. Even if i lose the match is much less frustrating than with Guile.

Feilong doesn’t have a bad matchup in AE.

That’s 3 to 1. Rufus out, Fei Long in.

i use balrog, he beats the Button pressers that Guiles randomly lose to.

i like 2 use bison for some reason.

trying to find another alt. i know Warahk has chosen Sagat. Im thinking about Fei long, sagat perhaps. I like Ken as well… any thoughts?

fei is nice and a good change of pace from guile. when i’m tired of hearing SONIC BOOM SONIC BOOM i go to fei.

U want to look at what bad matchups best compliment his

i’ve tried using as an alt:

abel, viper, ibuki, cody, chun, dudley, and ryu.

of them, i like abel the most (he was actually my first main), but really, i feel like abel and guile both suffer from similar weaknesses: bad against vortex characters. so i’ve been thinking: “Who is good against vortex characters?” Viper does well, but her execution barrier is a little overwhelming…

anyone know another answer? dictator?

I’ve been poking around with Guile to be a possible second to my T. Hawk. Don’t count our the grapplers. They want to be right in the opponent’s face, a nice change from Guile’s typical style.

I moved from Akuma to Guile but I only play Guile in ranked matches. I try other characters but Guile fits me nicely so I always end up picking him exclusively. When I’m tired hearing sonic boom, I play FIFA 12 :slight_smile:

I intially started with Bison and had Guile as a secondary now use them both equally. However if you want someone to cover his weaknesses go for Fei long/Viper how ever they are both pretty difficult to use. I would recommend Bison as I think he complements Guile pretty well.

Really just chose who you want… it’s not like you are going to win every game anyway.

I recently started learning some Cammy as my friend told me he thinks I’m secretly a decent Cammy player. I’m told that my Guile is too rigid and predictable so learning a new character for me is for learning how to be mobile, poking/counter-poking, and basically just how to play offense effectively. Turns out Cammy is a pretty easy transition and it seems to be helping my Guile get off down-back. I now alternate between them… play Cammy to loosen up before going back to Guile main.

"Guile is to predictable."
Cammy = cannon strike, hit hit, spiral arrow. cannon strike, hit hit, spiral arrow. stun. repeat. win

I think your secondary character should be tiger, tiger, tiger.

So I was like… tiger, tiger, tiger… and that’s the last I heard of that guy.