Secondary Character?

I’ve been watching some of Arturo’s various matches on Youtube and such and noticed that he would select Dhalsim on a few of Seth’s bad matches. (Sagat, ELF and Viper come to mind)

Question is, would you suggest this tactic for players maining Seth in tournaments to learn a back-up character that has a better chance to win or just really learn Seth’s bad match-ups and try to win that way?

Thanks. :tup:

Viper’s doable as Seth, it’s just hard. I’m still up in the air about the Sagat matchup and who it favors. Versus El Fuerte, just pick basically any mid-high tier character and you’ve got at least a 5-5 matchup.

I’m gonna bring this thread back, because I think it’s a good question.

At the moment I feel as though every other character I use is missing tools since I’m so used to Seth -.-

Who do you guys use as alts?

I use Gouken because he’s another character that no one knows how to plays against, so odds are no one will know how to contain both Seth and Gouken. Also, Gouken is very fun versus shotos.

I have Abel in my back pocket, but I think he just isn’t good enough as a character to use with Seth. His only really good matchup is Blanka, and I think Seth wins that one anyway.

I would suggest picking up Viper, Dhalsim, or Sagat as alts simply because they have 5-5 matchups with Sagat and Ryu. Viper actually meshes really well with Seth in terms of matchups because between the two of them you usually can get a 6-4 matchup on anyone that’s not top tier.

I play Balrog and Chun on the side… rog seems good vs shotos.

Recently I’ve been doing OK with Akuma, it’s all about that low health baby!

i main balrog and am working on ryu, what other secondary do u guys suggest?

This is the wrong section for that, this is in the Seth forum. The question was who Seth players use as Secondaries.

You should head over here:

I’ve started using Cammy/Viper but can’t decide which I’m gonna stick with.

My backup is Ryu. I played him before I moved to Seth. He covers most match ups that I find hard.

i started using akuma as my second,and viper as a third.but my viper is not anything worth mentioning at the moment,:looney:,so just seth/akuma for now.

:rofl: i just think of the zanku hadoken as a REALLY slow version of seths j.fp…

As far as I’m concerned Seth is the only character on the character select screen… When I choose a character I stick with them (even through bad match ups). Yeah he has bad match ups with Viper and El Fuerte, but I improved my Seth so much from fighting these characters. They really teach you to play smart and careful and then when you see an opening exploit it ruthlessly. Another thing is that I have gotten so comfortable with Seth that every other character feels incomplete. I aim to be the best I can be with Seth that means sticking with him through thick and thin.

Having said that if you want to pick up alternates I’d suggest Sagat (obviously), Ryu (solid all round character, no weaknesses) and Viper (covers Seth’s weaknesses well).

I use Zangief as a 2nd, feels like they’re each others opposites.

lol CEO

i alt pretty much everyone except chun, and dan is more like my other main than an alt.

I used Dan a LOT. Man, you’re a Seth AND Dan user? You HAVE to go to some casuals around here.

Man, major props to anyone who beasts on people with Dan. I suggested Sagat, Ryu and Viper because they are very competitive characters, but in the end we should all play whoever we like, for whatever reason. I’d love to see you guys owning with Dan!

Balrog and Gouken are my pics for other characters so far.

I like many chars but right now I want to get a bit better with Dan, he’s low tier sure but he’s very fun in player matches against noobs where you can just abuse throw since they never tech anyway and knee up in the air because shotos will SRK right into it.

Other than Dan I like Gouken and Balrog, but when I’m gonna play another char than Seth I just pick random or Dan most of the time

Akuma and Dan but I’m dropping Akuma and try to learn Sakura

i don’t know about you guys but when super comes out juri seems like a nice secondary for seth. she looks beastly in those trailers.