Secondary Character?

Full S.I.N. team?

Assuming she’s actually with S.I.N.

well i only use seth and gen as mains, but i can also play at average level with akuma, abel, rufus, guile, gouken, dan ( yea he is loved by one and all :slight_smile: ) and for the laugh i pick zangief and spam SPD attempts…
but no one is as fun as seth or gen ( competively ).

I went to a friends house yesterday and a whole bunch of us played SFIV together, I was disapointed to see that Seth was the only character that wasn’t unlocked so… for the first time in ages I went back to my old arcade main, Ryu. I made a few stupid mistakes in the first few rounds, like trying to wall jump, teleport and do heapstomps, lol. But it didn’t matter when I saw how much health I had after being punished I just laughed. Ryu is so good, his lp shoryu has sick priority compared to Seth’s and early anti-air lp shoryu, juggle into ultra is so easy. I can go on and on about how great Ryu is… but you guys already know. Basically I beat everyone and didn’t lose once (I lost rounds, but not games) and 3 of the guys were very good players, including one guy who beats my Seth 7/10 times. I am definately gonna play Ryu more often, but now I will seriously consider pulling him out when I lose games.

The idea of having a pocket ryu makes me sad. :sad:

me too, i hope they nerf the living shit out of Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Akuma, & Gief!. I played about 4-5 zangiefs, 3 sagats, 2-3 ryus, 4 kens and like 10 akumas all tonight. There was only one guy I played that picked Gen and the rest were all the above characters.

It’s bad when all the other characters outside of those 5 suck so much compared to those 5.

Seriously, after maining Seth for so long I could really see why Ryu is one the best most well rounded characters in SFIV. Compared to Seth Ryu is OP. I will continue to play Seth because I just find him enjoyable, but I can see why many people, who only care about winning pick Ryu or Sagat; these characters statisticly give you the best chance of victory, when played well.

In creating a balanced game though the rest of the cast should be given buffs to bring them into line with the better characters before we go nerfing characters, as after doing that it may not be required.

Yeah… We shouldn’t really discuss nerfing Zangief on the Seth forum ^^. Personally I almost never come across Zangiefs that are good, I have a friend that’s okay but I usually end up winning unless I pick something like… Abel

I think a nerf to Sagat would be in order though, it’s easier to change just one character than to change all the others seeing how Sagat wins against pretty much all characters in the game.

I don’t think people would stop playing Ken or Ryu even if they were nerfed either, maybe if they removed their srk though (omigosh wtf do I spam now?) but that’s not gonna happen.

On topic: I started playing Rufus recently and he’s pretty fun, I liked Seth because of the headstomps in the beginning and Rufus have the dive kick so they both step on people :bgrin:. Playing Rufus seems a bit more fast paced then Seth also and his health is just so damn high, second only to Zangief in stamina according to eventhubs. Oh yeah, don’t forget Rufus also have long arms (c.hp)!

I have no clue how to deal with turtles yet though and I’m probably not dropping Seth, but it’s fun to try to main another char every now and then.

I picked random select in Championship Mode twice accidently (I go down from Ryu to random and then press right to appear on Seth, but I pressed the select button too early)and got Dan (lol) and Dictator, who is actually a very good choice in my view. I played him very aggressively and did well so I used him for a while until I started missing Seth, lol.

Rufus is a good character too. Lots of Ultra set ups and EX Jesus kick. If you’re having problems with turtles try throwing after you get in with a dive kick, or that forward roll kick. Also instead of a full block string do 1 hit then throw. Or is getting close enough to throw a problem? If so the only useful advice I can give is Galactic Tornado is safe on block and blows through fireballs and closes the distance. I’m no Rufus expert, but that might help.

I heard that it might be a good idea to sometimes do dive > > c.jabjabjabjabjabjabjabjab (or normal dive st.hp gt b&b) until you get out of range, and sometimes dive > > throw. I guess I’ll try to mix it up a bit, against a decent Sagat I have no chance as Rufus though

Edit: I used to play dictator for a while but after 200+ matches (not much, I know) or so with him I still couldn’t get comfortable with the whole charge thing, I just spammed headstomp 24/7 in g3 though when I were fresh and it worked pretty well. I guess it’s just something with me and headstomps :smiley:

I mained Dictator before switching to Seth. And even though I lose a bit more with Seth I have way more fun playing with him. Basically because he’s not as frustrating to play with as with Bison.

Turtles and Crossups gave me such a headache when playing with Bison. All of Bison’s moves can be EASILY blocked/turtled against. HeadStomp is a joke, Psycho Crusher is a joke, Bison’s Teleport is a joke, Bison’s ultra setup is a joke, Bison’s anti air is a joke…I can keep on going but I will cut it short :lol:

Now I main Seth and only problem I have with him is his health being low as hell, but I don’t get as frustrated as I used to when I mained Bison so I’m happy.

I might pick up Rufus or Gen, I’m a really agressive player and I find Rufus’ playstyle very nice for that. Only thing I hate is how he looks, that’s like the number one thing keeping me away from playing him lol.

I used to main Boxer, and then I just decided I wanted to learn how to play Seth. Now I would consider Boxer to be my secondary.