Secondary Characters



Hey guys, I’m just wondering who you guys think is a good secondary if your main is Hawk. I’ve been fooling around with Dee Jay for the last couple of weeks and he seems to be a pretty decent alt char, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep him as my secondary.

Who are your secondaries? Any recommended secondary characters to play as if Hawk is your main?


i’ve been picking up hakan–all the 7-3 matches become 6-4 and blanka, akuma, and sim get boned. also… honda is pretty sweet if you can lp xx fp hands. but guile still owns every character I play for free. it makes me sad. also, was this thread started previously?


I think Honda is a good secondary for anyone that plays Hawk(If you don’t have a problem with Charge characters). If you have trouble with jab>hands just use the slide method. Good normals, oicho shenanigans are similar to T.Hawks lp 360 shenanigans, plus he’s a much more well rounded character.

I haven’t played in months, but I also used to like to play as Sagat even though he has nothing in common with Hawk really.


IMO Honda still has a decent amount of trouble with several projectile characters (Guile, Chun, Ryu, Sagat). Also, I’m expecting nerfs to Honda in AE. My vote is to stick with Dee Jay.

  1. He’s a decent counter to T. Hawk’s bad matchups.
  2. I’d expect him to get buffed in the AE DLC.
  3. Most importantly…it sounds like you already like him.

To be fair, Dee Jay probably also has a tough time with some of those characters as well. But it’s not because they’re counter picks, it’s just because Honda is a generally more well-rounded character than Dee Jay. As mentioned already, expect those differences to be smoothed out in AE. It’s a LOT better to have your character buffed than nerfed.


My secondary is Bison; Covers all of those7-3 6-4 matchups hawk haws =/

Oh wait except for Chun, Honda, Guile. . . . cause you know, WHY NOT!? =/


Yeah, I’m definitely going to be sticking with Dee Jay. I think that once I get ex mgu xx dash u2 down pat that I’ll be a lot more solid with him.

Who do you guys use?


Just pick Honda


But Honda is so boring, lol.


When I’m not using Hawk, I generally bounce around between Ryu, Dhalsim, Akuma, and E. Honda. Really thinking of Hakan, though.


I use Gief as my main with T. Hawk as a close second and Dhalsim comes in 3rd. Those are about the only characters I play even semi-competently. I dabble with Hakan, Rose and Adon but only on a very casual level.


Nice. You have XBL? I wouldn’t mind playing your Gief sometime. :slight_smile:

One of the better players in my area told me to learn Honda. He said that Hawk is the only thing holding me back from doing better at tournaments and that Honda fits my style. So I’ll just be using Hawk for matches that I like fighting with him.


I recently decided that I’m planning on going to Keits’ UFGT7 (sequel to Midwest Championship 2010) in May. I’ve figured that while I love T. Hawk, its time to get really serious with another character, too. I still plan to keep Hawk as my main (because when I watch replays of myself from a few months ago until now, I see a ton of improvement…except for too many Condor Dives). The question is who should I use as that secondary? I did say a few posts up that I like to bounce around between Ryu, Akuma, Dhalsim, and Honda.

Sagat seems to be the one I’ve taken to pretty quickly, however. Though I still need to give Honda a more serious shot…just gotta manage to pull off jab > HHS.


secondary umm Gen / Cody / ryu / adon … i usually pick chars based on if i like them dont really care about the tier system altho vega is becoming alot more frequent