Secondary Characters

I dont know if threads like this are allowed in the character sub forums, but it does pertain to chun li and chun li players. Eventhubs just had an article on secondaries and such, I think it would be interesting to talk about this here, especially since this forum is dead as always lol.
Who do you think is a good secondary for Chun (in terms of covering up generally agreed upon bad matchups), and do you have a secondary?

Do you think Chun is a good secondary for any particular character?

Lately i’ve been trying to learn akuma, I feel like Akuma covers some of Chuns bad matchups, but I dont think he makes a good secondary for her. In general though, I think Chun helps Akumas bad matchups better, as I feel that Chun vs Cammy Yun Yang and Ibuki are even or at least not as bad with Chun. No character that I actually want to play on a regular basis does shit against Viper…

anyway, I think Cammy may be the best secondary for Chun users, and I think Chun is good for characters that suck against grapplers

I think fei long would be a better secondary for chun-li. He deals with all of her bad match ups well (He only has 2 match ups which aren’t in his favor in which chun-li can cover.) Those characters are balrog and rose.

Fei covers the match ups for Seth,viper,cammy,rufus,Dhalsim,and guile. Same game except fei pressures more.

Don’t really know, but I’m planning to pick up either Guy or Sakura as a secondary character.

I use E.Honda and T.Hawk badly lol. I don’t pick characters to play based on matchup, I just pick them because I am actually able to use them(I can’t just pick up any character) and I think they’re fun. If I had to ability to use any character I wanted I probably wouldn’t be using Chun in the first place. i think does a decent job at covering Chun’s bad matchups though.

Sakura’s a decent secondary imo. She doesn’t do long range punishes well like Chun can against certain characters like Blanka or Honda but she’s a solid character with good pressure when she gets in and really good damage/reset potential. I don’t really know what her weakness is besides maybe a slight lack in range but she’s good overall.

Personally I’m not going to pick up a secondary. At this point, either they’re gonna be better than me with who they’re playing or I’m gonna beat them. I’d rather be locked in with Chun than use a secondary and then have that secondary counterpicked when I have a way better idea of how to handle all matchups with Chun. Even if the matchup’s 8-2 somehow… I know enough that I’ll just hope I get the first two wins and never run into that player at the tournament again lol. Plus I really don’t enjoy this game with other characters. A lot of the characters I play on the side I prefer in other versions of SF while I like this version of Chun more than most other versions of her (besides the vs games Chun… she’s a lot of fun in those).

Akuma is a good backup to anyone. Cammy would be good too. Covers a ton of Chun’s problem areas (Seth, Rufus, another Cammy, etc).

I am thinking of picking up Honda again, my secondary since vanilla…it’s because Juri and Rose seem to be in the same boat skills and bad matchups wise. Now that I can somewhat belt out leg loops, HHS is next on my to-learn list. Been using Honda and Chun since ST that way, too.Aside from matchup coverage, character familiarity and comfort often factor into my main/sub choices.

cr.lp xx HHS is easier than cr.hp xx legs at least. i can piano HHS, i have to slide for legs ;_;. i think being left handed really fucks the more difficult piano inputs for me

I’m left handed, tone deaf, and a little uncoordinated so I can’t piano worth a damn. I use slide method for everything lol

I disagree, he has his bad matchups, and if your character has trouble with Cammy, Yun, Yang, Viper or ibuki, Akuma is not a good choice. Even Infiltration uses Gouken and Hakan to make up for Akumas weaknesses

People fear the v2012 twins? Okay Yun I guess, but I got nothing for v2012 Yang.

Juri…loyal for life…

idk why akuma players try so hard on believing that they play with a weak character…

He’s not weak overall he’s just not as op/broken/easy mode as everyone says he is. Play him exclusively for a month or two and you’ll see that he definitely has weaknesses.

I’ve been toying around with Yang as a secondary. Sleeper char that many underestimate - in 2012 he’s still good, just not as good as he was in AE so people stopped caring. He’s somewhat low on the tier list but a lot of Chun’s bad matchups are better for Yang, except Rufus (in which case I think I’d still take my chances with Yang - at least he has a DP).

Also, the roster is so close that being low on the tier list is not a huge indicator - there are very few matches in the game that are worse than 6-4, with the only ones truly worse being maybe 6.5-3.5, and I can think of maybe two TRUE 7-3 matchups, so the tier spread is actually pretty close and (dare I say) balanced. I agree that there are better secondaries than Yang but I like his playstyle.

Yang is really cool and is one of the most fun to play, it seems that a lot of chun players naturally gravitate towards him, I wonder why? I wanted to play him when AE came out then I found out most Japanese chuns switched to him as well.

bipson may be the best secondary for chun

blanka, gouki and rufus are “easier” with him, and his playstyle isnt that different from chun either…


that can be true for any character in the game, sorry but gouki is a very very good character, you dont have to take learning curve as a parameter, tier list are not about that, if you cant do all the bs with gouki doesnt mean that the character is bad… and i dear you to say that learning gouki is harder than learning gen or chun or vega.

I play and train with Guy. I cant really say secondary as I am not planning on using him as backup nor do I think he is good cover for chuns bad matchup. Guy is just fun to play with.
If I were to pick a backup Id choose Seth

Yeah, every character has weaknesses, but the way people talk about him, youd think hes easy mode. He absolutely isnt and the only people who would ever say such a thing would never in a million years play him.

I didnt say that he was harder or not harder than those characters. I dont even know why you’re bringing that up. I didnt say he was the hardest character to learn, but he definitely is hard, because his strength is in the number of options he has for a given moment, its not that any one of those options dominates people. If you think Akuma is all vortex (which people incorrectly say is his main play style), then you’ve only seen Akuma from a chun perspective. Vortex only Akumas get bodied hard by much of the cast.

edit: this is the last thing im saying about Akuma’s strength/tier placement/not being broken in this thread because I dont want this to get derailed.

Akuma does as well if not better in the Cammy match up than Chun does and saying infiltration lost to a Cammy isn’t a valid thing to say, infiltration is a beast in most cases but if you haven’t noticed he deals really badly when dealing with pressure and managing his defence, its just he has such a good game and uses such a great character, a character that has pretty much ALL the best tools in the game, from zoning, AA, walkspeed, normals, set ups, pressure and escape options that he never really needs to deal with his short comings…

Anyway I don’t play other characters to cover bad match ups Chun is my main so other characters are played cos I like them, currently its mainly Rose as an alt, interestingly I find her to be well basically a Chun 2.0 in many ways, easy AA (people just don’t jump at Rose and if they do its easy to AA) great ground game, normals, motion so no need to have charge. Bad wake up but no worse than Chuns and tbf I find some match ups easier with Rose just because its Rose (even though she is very similar to Chun in terms of standard gameplan) Viper and Ken are way easier for Rose to deal with imo…

Other than that I tinker with Ibuki, only cos she is the most fun character to play and under hushed breath if I could put the time in and had the right mind set for her I’d drop Chun for Ibuki as my main… Though that’s never gonna happen lol…

Lastly - Vemonish O.o holy crap hope you’re well mate been actual years I think, was nice to see a post from you

Thanks Wii :slight_smile:
I have been away from the game since AE due to no offline competition nearby me whatsoever and horrible online. I got back to the training room a couple of weeks back trying to master the c.hp Legs link on pad and practicing some arcade stick techniques on other fighting games for fun.

it is great to see many people from vanilla are still here loyal to Chun :slight_smile: