Secondary Characters



Cammy is way easier with Chun.

Vortexing Cammy isnt an easy thing, being defensive against her is even harder because his teleport doesnt really work against her without stocked U2, his zoning isnt that great in this match (mostly because his DP is pretty meh). Her pressure game is exactly what shuts Akuma down. Akuma does not have very good defense if the character has the ability to always stay on him, which Cammy does

Its also virtually universally accepted that its very very clearly in Cammy’s favor, and its widely regarded as his worst matchup.

I personally find Cammy v Chun to be 5-5, anyone who seriously plays akuma and chun would agree that you should stick with chun in this match if you use akuma as a secondary. Even if you think Chun v Cammy isnt 5-5, the match is without question easier with Chun li.

Im fine with talking about Akuma as long as its in regard to him being a secondary. If people are gonna piss and moan and pretend like hes over powered, well, its not even worth a response anymore, its just whining, and nothing more.


wait, are you saying that cammy vs gouki is something like 7-3?

chun vs cammy is kind of 5-5 to me btw, but gouki’s worst mu idk


Cammy akuma is 6-4 cammy. Regarding U2 teleport escape, the answer is to os dash… Then ultra/arrow punish. (obviously u have to practice this). The idea is to delay the teleport punish outside U2 window, leaving akuma not being able to cancel teleport into ultra2.

Cammy can also force akuma to teleport in 1direction. Making the os dash much easier.

His vortex doesn’t work on cammy. Anything outside of a safejumps is spikable or can be crouched or focus dash forward. You can block first wakeup frames os fadc forward. Or block the first wakeup frames then cr tech (ducks air tatsu). All his corner setups whiff a crouching cammy (wakeup cr tech)

Cammy Chun is also 6-4 cammy. But feels like 5.5-4.5. If that makes sense :-s lol


Blah Akuma is free to me 10-0 and Cammy is 9-1
No I’m just kidding; that is the attitude I take when I fight them though. haha
I understand the need for match up ratios, but they are extremely over used to describe a character’s abilties…it is all in the player’s hands of who beats who.
A scrub Akuma would be completely free to me
but Infiltration…yeah - I’d do the best I could, it’d be fun either way.


no its 6-4, maybe 6.5-3.5 depending on who you talk to. Akuma can definitely win the match but he cant screw up basically. she just stays the hell on you, and its hard to do anything about it. So with that being said, I would definitely use Chun.


Mildly off-topic, but doesn’t Akuma’s uppercut have the most invincibility of any uppercut in the game?

That was my understanding, so it confused me when Necro mentioned that his DP was pretty meh.


the problem with his DP is the horizontal range, a lot of times you get like one hit off the DP and then you’re exposed.


Im thinking Bison for my 2nd. Hiro is doing it and it works. For a while, I was gonna play Juri, but as I learn the game more, i’m seeing that Juri is just a worse Chun.


I’d say they’re equal in standing (Juri handles Viper way better and maybe Rufus too, whereas Chun handles Bison/Balrog/Sakura/Honda better). She’s harder to learn. You’ll have to learn storing/holding down buttons and maximize your damage from FADC’s and Ultra 1 to have a good Juri imo (but I do feel she gets bigger damage than Chun this way).

They do have similar weaknesses and the tricky-at-high-level thing going for them though.


Yeah, hopefully they get some nice buffs from ver. 2013.


I started to use Cammy as a secondary but not sure if I should stick with her or switch it up with someone else


By all means. Cammy covers a lot of Chun’s bad matchups well. Well until v2013 comes along… let’s hope that doesn’t hit her too hard.


why would you use cammy as a second? use her as a main lol


Its not that easy to switch. I play both Akuma and Cammy and I intended on dropping chun for both but to this day she’s my best character and is my real main. Realistically it’ll never change, because I always reach a point where I’m like “yeah I don’t like that one thing this character does, so I can’t really stick with them” whereas with chun I just accept her faults as legitimate or something.


trying gen

loving it


He’s gonna help with Rufus/Akuma for sure. Maybe Seth.

Chun can cover his probs with Guile/Dhalsim/Honda


*meant Viper instead of Rufus