Secondary characters

You guys have any suggestions on secondary characters to pick up. I just want another character to fuck around with because alot of my friends wont play me anymore because i play gen lmao.

dude there are more than 30 characters just random select and main the person that turns up. just have fun with the characters men or just pick ones that complement Gen weaknesses, like Fei Long to take care of honda, you can try balrog too, these have range that Gen lacks in his normal moveset. if they hate your gen then by all means main cammy

Blanka , reason :don`t need to pratice thunder…

Agreed. He also has piss easy unblockable against guile and he deals well with dee jay and sim. The honda is still a bit of problem but i find that mu ok because atleast i have a reliable punish fro h. headbut.

Feilong can beat everyone ~~

I’ve been playing a little bit of everyone really. Probably always return back to my original main, Bison.

Though, I do enjoy playing Rog and Fei. Also wouldn’t mind picking up Makoto.

What characters do you guys feel cover all of Gens bad match-ups other than Fei-Long?

Akuma, Seth, adon and for me personally Honda

I find Vega a lot of fun to play. His footsies are just too godlike, the only problem is that if you don’t have a charge, his anti-airs are pretty ass.

Yun covers bad matchups (Sim, Guile, Akuma) imo and Abel is good against a lot of them too. Abel is my secondary currently