Secondary for an abel player

Im looking for a secondary character to try playing as to take a break from Abel. I had seen other topics like this for other characters and was wondering what you guys seconded.

I was thinking of a shoto because I am so sick of eating dragon punches and their equivalents. I just see so many Ryu and Kens that i dont want to be them. What is a second that covers abels weaknesses? What do you play? Who is really fun that i haven’t thought of?

Heads up, i am criminally inexperienced at Street Fighter. Ive been playing about three weeks and have 0 battle points with a career high of 98. Just looking for a second to work on when I get frustrated as my main.

I appreaciate your thoughts. : D

DON’T DO IT, don’t join the darkside…:shake:

Anyway…Rufus is a lot of fun…and well I guess Ken is alright in terms of fun too at least I like them, but it depends more on what you want really…Try out some shotos, or rufus or whatever.

Fei Long just occurred to me. The main thing is that I am bloody sick of not having an uppercut move (Falling sky and crouch heavy punch are not cutting it) and his fire kick thing seems to fit the bill. The last straw was my matchup from hell. Cammy. Cannon Spike is the bane of my existence, and spiral arrow isn’t far behind.:smile:

Hmm cannon spike is a bitch…I don’t really know because I haven’t used Abel seriously in a while so if this isn’t correct don’t get mad at me, but I think HP CoD can get to Cammy after she does cannon spike…and if not maybe 2 quick dashes towards her and a TT since Abels dash is very fast. Or maybe dash once and use lp TT…idk my ps3 is off right now so I can’t try any of these things, I’m really lazy…and if you use Fei that’s pretty cool I haven’t really seen any good Fei players…maybe one.

I WILL eventually find a way to beat Cammy. Even Sagat doesn’t trouble me as much as she does. I just want a second with a different style to play when my will to fight starts to fizzle. Im just wondering if anyone has suggestions that are not Ryu, ken, sagat, akuma, gouken, or gen (I havent unlocked gen)

If you’re not against really good players, honda can be a lot of fun. More command throws! love TT and oicho. As for cammy, you can TT spiral arrow on block and dash up + lp TT for cannon spike

El Fuerte is my second, very different approach to a fight

im thinking of Fei too, but for now im back on Abel

only been playing for three weeks?

I suggest not taking a break from abel, but interchange between abel, ryu and rufus. (cuz, thats what i do lol)

Learning to play with Abel and Rufus wont be easy but it will be rewarding in the end. You are forced to find ways to get in on shotos safely so you’ll learn alot about spacing and the shoto matchup

Then play with Ryu also to get that shoto experience. I believe playing with only 1 or2 charcters in this game isnt enough…unles you play with akuma

E. Honda is a solid second, I have a lot of fun playing him. Takes some getting used to how much crappier Oichio is compared to TT.

I’ve recently started playing him as a secondary and i’m having fun w/ him so far.

lol im learning Ryu as a second character.

but Abel will always be my main.

I’d recommend Sagat. He can handle any of Abel’s bad match-ups, and he does especially well against Zangief, who probably is your worst nightmare as an Abel player. He also has the DP you’re longing for.

lol@longing for dp

abel has good enough anti air tools, heck its even similar to ryu’s srk that you can ultra after a cr.hp trade. :rofl:

akuma and sagat are your best bets to cover your bad matchups.

Guile also surprisingly covers some of your bad matchups as well

Surprisingly Zangief gives me little grief. Course all the Giefs I fight are worse than I am. I still am playing as abel. I just want something to mix it up. Tried fei long today. He was not my thing, but guile interests me. A charge character seems both new and interesting. And at my level of play tiers don’t matter anyway.

Funny enough, my best fights are against ryu and ken. Thanks to abels roll, whenever i lose to them, i feel like I messed up instead of losing to cheap shots. I find a fight where my loss is due to error more satisfying than losing to cheap shots. That said if the cheap shots can beat me i deserve to lose.


non-stop onslaughts with Balrog are awesome
plus his ultra

i like using balrog since hes a rushdown character just like abel

I’ve been messing with Akuma. I like Abel ALOT though but Akuma is a good alternative.

yeah gouki’s pretty good and is full of tricks alright, owns abel for free too. :rofl: