Secondary Method Of Doing A Late Tsurugi



I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but for those having trouble pulling off :qcb: :p: ~ :k: consistently to do a late tsurugi aka the vryugi, I have another method for doing so. Instead of :qcb: :p: ~ :k: ; This method :qcb: :hp: ~:mp: + :k: (check in the input below) has an extra advantage to it that the other does not, and in my opinion is less awkward to do. Because you’re double plinking, if you miss the :hp: ~:mp: plink, you still have a chance of hitting the :hp: ~ :k: plink and having the late tsurugi come out. Again, I feel like this method might already be common knowledge, but I wasn’t entirely sure if it was. since i started using this method I haven’t had any trouble doing them consistently, and I hope it helps a few people out. Unfortunately i have no way to upload a video of my own, so if someone could spread this around (if it hasn’t already) that’d be great. - Cheers, Zackoto


^only video example i could find
(check the input at 8:55)

[ :mp: :hp: :k: ]
[ :hp:
[ :b:
[ :db:
[ :d:
[ :uf:

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you should put this in the AE Q&A thread since everyone spends most of their time reading it for strat/execution tips


yes, that’s what I use when doing LK or MK tsurugi (still using HP~HK for HK version).
I have less fail with this technique.


For roundhouse tsurgi I’ve been plinking with jab. I press jab with my pointer finger and roundhouse with my ring finger. My stick panel late out is (custom) a bit more “curved” then the standard panel layout so those two buttons are almost horizontal with each other. Don’t know if it would work on other sticks