Secondary that compliments fuerte players



what characters do you guys think make good secondaries for el fuerte players?
in terms of complimenting his play style, or maybe making up for his bad match ups

originally i was trying to learn honda as a secondary, cause i use Q in 3s and thought it would be an easy switch- not so much

im also heavily considering zangief - i think if i used fuerte/gief my only trouble match would be akuma

dhalsim and gouken also appealing to me for some reason


fuertes hardest matches are rufus, akuma and cammy imo

ryu makes the most sense as a backup character, balrog works too, bison isnt bad either


I’ve always heard Akuma as a good secondary for Fuerte players, I’ve been messing with him a little bit.


I use Chun-Li as a secondary, but I don’t know how many bad matchups, if any, she covers. I know hat Akuma’s one of her hardest.


I’m currently looking at;

Chun-Li (Air throw, good tools),
Bison (great normals, unlike Fuerte, I feel he’s at an advantage vs Fuerte’s bad matchups)
Gen (requires work like Fuerte, his styles can throw people off if you incorporate both, ),
Abel (He’s kinda slow though, but EX Change of Direction takes a hit…),
Fei-Long (max range rekka’s for counters, I just like him),
Vega (Airthrow, work to win) and Zangief (was my main at first, till I found Fuerte).

Leaning towards Chun-Li a bit… But both her and Elf have a bad matchup vs Akuma…


I also use rog and akuma, akuma has alot of the same mixup potential but with a dp and an effective zoning game thrown in there too, so he is fun if you like fuerte. Rog is just someone I use to make sure that I never lose to a blanka in a tournament ever again.


Is there a place that has the matchups listed for each character that’s recent?

I want to find a counterpick for Akuma, and I’d rather not learn to use a shoto (except Sakura) since I’m just not into them much.


^ I’d suggest the Akuma board. But counterpicking is useless in championship. and its because of counterpicking that I abandoned Ranked matches

On a sidenote… I think I’m gonna just test it more between who I’m thinking about this is an interesting topic though.


My secondary is Honda. High damage output, high defense, neutral jump fierce(XD) are all pluses for me. But the more I see of Bison, I might be making a secondary change.


I sub-main Seth, and Cammy but I doubt he’s great for a secondary for El Fuerte.


My main is Rufus, then I switched to Akuma. I started playing El Fuerte like a week ago and I’ve noticed all the matched that akuma and rufus have trouble with El Fuerte doesn’t. All three are mainly rush down characters so it isn’t completely different play styles with them but they all seem to be able to over come the people I had trouble with. IE can’t beat a blanka or chun-li with rufus or akuma, but I can make short work of them with Elf. And any of the bad matches for Elf I tear up with Rufus.


Funny… I HATE the Blanka matchup with Elf


Personally, I’m not a fan of counterpicking, because you end up waiting for ages at the character select screen. I’ve taken the approach that whoever the other guy picks, I’m going to try to smash him with El Fuerte anyway.

Errr… Except when it’s laggy. When it’s too laggy for me to play Fuerte, I’ll use other characters. Mostly Gen or Guile. Guile for developing patience and spacing, and Gen for developing that dual rushdown/escape mindset.

My El Fuerte is so much better than my other characters now though it’s not funny. Note this doesn’t mean my Fuerte is good. It means my other characters suck that much.:bgrin:


I tried viper for a little bit i love her rush down and combos almost more than fuertes but I’ve gone with the japanese thinking lately just learn every match up to the fullest and never counterpick its not worth the time to be good with 2 characters when i can be great with 1. Plus fuerte doesnt have any terribly one sided match ups


El Balrog


i lol’d



Fuerte might have disadvantages in quite a number of matchups, but he is never completely outmatched, so learning his matchups is I think the best way to go about it instead of counterpicking.

However, if I want to pick a secondary character, it would be Dhalsim (and I do occasionly for fun), not because he compliments Fuerte in terms of matchups, but he does in terms of speed. Its just fun to suddenly switch from the fastest character in the game to the slowest one, really changes and spices things up a bit. In terms of matchups though, a shoto like Ryu or Akuma should be a perfect compliment, since he will give characters like Blanka and Rufus (which are hard for Fuerte) a lot of trouble.


I think Akuma, or Ryu would be a good choice, i use Vega and Honda though,only because i mained them before Fuerte.


I have the same issue, did a few friendlies today and found that out the hard way. I was working on Elf so hard the past few weeks that I didn’t bother with anyone else.

So as of today I’m putting Elf on the back burner and I’m going to learn a new char.

I was thinking about: Fei Long/Abel/C.Viper/Rufus/Rose, seeing as I’m terrible with Charge players and freakin’ can’t stand shoto’s. Anyone have experience with any of them? How steep is the learning curve? Thanks in advance :tup: