Hi I main Akuma and was looking for a alt in either fei long or cammy. I was going create two seperate threads in the fei long and cammy threads but just decided to do it with this one cause i had it opened.
So my main questions are on what character is funner/
easier to learn more potential stuff like that


Cammy is hella fun 2 play with especially once u get gd at CS pressure.

I don’t kno anything about Fei but I would say Cammy isn’t that easy 2 learn. She is not as hard as say viper or Fuerte but she isnt as easy as say Chun or Ryu. It took me about a month of training and getting my ass kicked constantly before i started 2 get decent with her however since ur coming from an Akuma background it may not take u as long.

Cammy is god, I mean Cammy is good. She is a high execution character. Constantly stuff going on that you need to be able to acknowledge and act upon. Cammy doesn’t have anything that is safe. But she is a fast pace character that will keep pressure at an opponent and can mix up with some tricky stuff.

Don’t count on wins coming easy though.

She has a good roundhouse, her crouching forward is good. Her dive kicks are good for keeping some mean pressure at your opponent. She has a damned good dragonpunch attack (Cannon Spike).

Cammy has got to be “funner” than Fei long, hands down, easily. The question is, can you hack it? but seriously, it’s a matter of which play style you want in your alt.


  1. Watch a lot of high level Cammy/Fei Long play. Which style do you like more?
  2. Learn the gameplan of both characters. Which do you find more interesting?

If you get more excited watching a Cammy play than Fei Long, play Cammy. Akuma, Cammy, and Fei are all high tier characters, I don’t think it really matters which one you pick.

I think akuma is a really good alt for cammy.