Secret Alex costume?

This may be a noob question, but how do you get alex’s grey costume with the white hair seen in this video?


I’ve been using alex for a while now and dont think I’ve ever seen it.

push jab, forward, and fierce at the same time.

its the same with all characters.

hmm… I figured pushing forward would change where your character selection thingy is. Oh well, I’l have to try this.

Forward = medium kick = middle kick

0 0 0 = jab strong fierce
0 0 0 = short forward roundhouse

I thought black-clothed Alex was picked with start + roundhouse.

No, otherwise you wouldn’t see it in arcade vids like when KSK plays.

so i press lp, mp, and hp at the same time. thanks.

lp mk hp same time

no. to get any characters extra color scheme is selecting the charcter you want by simultaneously pressing jab, foward and fierce

to get 6 more extra colors for the costume for the characters on dreamcast, xbox, ps2 etc you just have to beat the game with any character and when you select the character hold down the start button. with each button having a different color

If you’re playing PS2 that means hit the square+circle+R1 buttons at the same time.

Well IIRC, you first need to beat the game with Alex then press :lp:+:mk:+:hp:

You don’t have to beat the game to get the 7th colour for any character.