Secret changes share'em!

Guys I am %100 sure holigan feels alot faster with ae 2012. Hard versions max height reached seems lil lower too(maybe its because of speed boost?).
Same speed buff goes with spin knuckle altho not as big difference as holigan.
Cannon strike also feels lil lower, or is it’s startup if faster causes that feel?.

Any 1 of you can test these and prove please?

Turn off your speed gems!

Hooligans (all of them) still grab on frame 32, don’t know about the height (still looks the same to me) though. Spin knuckle is still 35/33/36/33 startup for lp/mp/hp/ex versions. Spiral arrows still as unsafe as ever (-17 pointblank, etc). Cannon Spike still -30 on block. Cannon Strike height restriction is still the same: frame 9 of jump gets you a jump attack and frame 10 will get you the CS. All normals look the same too.

Capcom also didn’t bother spending 5 seconds to fix the light attacks chain cancel bug… they’re still bugged. :mad:

Light punch hooligan now gets more air. I don’t think heavy punch hooligan is faster, but I can confirm that you can now grab earlier in the move than you could before.

I can’t count frames or anything but I’m comparing the PC version (still unpatched) to the PS3 version running 2012 and spin knuckle does feel faster.

My meant for holigan speed is travel speed rather than frame req to grab. Can you check cannon strikes startup frame please?

Looks exactly the same.

Also I play on a monitor and the PS3 overfills the screen unlike the PC version, I think that was why I thought the CS looked lower at first. I think it’s exactly the same, except the change to the heavy kick version.

I can (and did!) count frames and can tell you there’s no changes to any startup time or frame advantage on any specials or ground normals. I was also running 360 2012 and PC AE side by side and didn’t notice any changes.

If Hooligan was faster, that would mean you could grab earlier. Unless he was talking about the slide… which I don’t think he was. The startup time of the grab is still 32F. You can input the lp+lk a few frames before the grab actually happens, but you could always do that so that’s not a change.

I can now do the following combo: quick spin knuckle (any version, but far away) FADC, cr. lp X cr. lp; cr. lk XX HKSA. Was this possible before? Or is this because the pushback has become smaller? It seems to be a 1 or 2 frame link to hit the cr. lp after the QSN-FADC.

Yes, that was possible in AE before.

Hey, Teyah.

With some people saying it feels like they can do the DiveKick earlier, maybe they just changed it so if you activate the Dive Kick earlier, it’ll let it come out instead of forcing you to whiff a Jump Attack. Can you perform any tests that activating it earlier than before still allows it to come out, like, a frame or two later? That would be a good enough secret buff, IMO.

  • James

Hey James - unfortunately, that’s not the case. :frowning:

I press button on jump frame 9 = I get / /
I press button on jump frame 10 = I get Cannon Strike

Capcom really didn’t seem to spend much time on these changes at all. The chain cancels are still bugged, the Spin Knuckle pushback is still too much for a to connect on all characters, and no other changes seem to have been made. I guess they figured they spent enough time changing her for AE and didn’t want to be bothered again for 2012, so they just gave us exactly what was listed. And maybe some extra ninja nerfs on hitboxes that we won’t find for some time.

Well capcom did mention that they didn’t really want to change cammy that much anyways. I’m glad about the fix to hksa and all, but still can’t find a real application for the spin knuckle outside of what most of us normally use it for. the push back still seems there, and I’ve really only been able to throw out a far s.fierce or something other than a…

so really the only thing that is going for cammy is the change to the top tiers. played a couple of fei longs and yangs and it seems a lot less stressful…but no yuns yet.

I agree with the SBF. But the SBF > normals = true blockstring. Does that mean Capcom gave more + on block? If that’s the case, can’t we timed in for frame traps? E.G SBF > wait > cr mk > SA.

spin knuckle still as useless as ever. like the true block string is you hit by the very tip of crlk. wtf. lol.

only uses prediction fireball, meaty wakeup on viper and rose, OS vs fei long and akuma and rufus. theres no other use to this garbage move.

im trying to justify spin knuckle for the longest time but aaargh.

Didn’t cr.lp x cr. lp ; cr. lk xx HKSA whiff on Boxer in the past? In Super at least. It didn’t when I did it just now. Maybe they changed Boxer’s hitbox. It’s not a change to Cammy, but one that benefits Cammy. Maybe there are other changes to different chars that benefit Cammy but won’t show up in her changelog because the change wasn’t done to her?

Has stand fierce crouch medium punch always failed to work on crouching chun li?

It did on crouching Boxer. You had to input cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. lp xx HKSA instead, so maybe that changed? doesn’t have AE

yup. useless. end of story. I’ve resorted only using it to troll ppl after a stun or lvl2 focus… lp. spin knuckle>cannon spike>fadc>ultra

I love using SK. Switching between L,M,H versions is fun for catching your opponent off guard. Even though its far from being magnificent, I wouldn’t exactly put it off as something useless. You can’t combo off of it but whatever. I actually enjoy using it. Especially against those who love to focus arrows.

If you love using SBF, then you obviously haven met a good opponent.

Ive played good ones and bad ones. Its not the greatest move Cammy has, but it has its uses. It works. Come to think of it, my hooligan got stuffed more times than SK.