Secret Character


This morning I got the XBL achievement for viewing all the fighter’s endings, after beating the game with everyone. It seems there might be a secret character to unlock because in the Gallery–Character Endings—underneath Sentinel, there is another slot marked “???.” It appears unlikely to be for the two DLC fighters that will be released in a few weeks as part of the Special Edition, because there is only one slot & the game hasn’t been updated for the other two fighters yet.

Has anyone unlocked another fighter, besides the initial 36?


I think it can be Frank West (well the Dead Rising guy) if I recall, he was scrapped at the very last second, as such it is common that developers leave unfinished stuff behind if it isn’t too important.


It’s probably Akuma, Taskmaster or the other unlockable character who’s name escapes me. You need to play a certain amount before they’re unlocked.


Considering it takes a whole hour to unlock the four characters that are locked: no.


Oh sorry, I kinda ignored the whole “Completed it with everyone” bit. My bad.


well if it is a secret character then they would have to add another because the balance of marvel/capcom characters would be tilted


Then there should be another slot for a marvel character.

What about Galactus?


Probably not another character but something extra for performing a certain task like playing a certain amount of hours or beating the game on its highest difficulty.


If in Arcade Mode you get to Galactus, lose and choose not to continue, you get an achievement and ending along with all the other stuff as if Galactus were selectable (he’s not, he won’t be, no).


Maybe an episode 5.


Huh, very neat. Sort of doubt that there would be another on-disc non dlc secret char though, that would have been discovered already imo


Why does this topic exsist. Preppy is not enough to keep this forum from turning into shit.


4 unlockable characters.


Yup! Just tried not continuing and that’s it! Thanks for settling this issue.


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