Secret Santa 2011 "NNLB": Sign Ups are closed


It’s a glorious tuesday morning and as promised, it is now sign up time for SRKGD’s annual holiday gift exchange.


You buy a gift, you get a gift. People who skimp on the gifts without a reasonable/provable explanation get BANNED. Seriously, the mods don’t fuck around on this. I will ban your ass myself and will be happy to.

2008 members and earlier only. This is not hardcoded, as there are more recent members who are well known by everyone in the community. We’ll let these members through by general consensus, but don’t expect to get in anyways. Final word will rest with me.
If you want to participate you have to get someone to vouch for you. Someone who is elligible and not just a random no-name. I hold the final say.

***IMPORTANT: *** If you are vouching for someone, be aware that if that person doesn’t come through, it falls on you to provide. Think about that before tossing your name onto anybody.

The minimum is $30. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. If you can’t afford this, if you can barely afford this, don’t bother joining. Lack of funds come Christmas time is not an acceptable excuse, especially if someone sent you a $50 gift. Expect a shortage of funds around Christmas, and plan accordingly.

Sign ups will most likely run for about 2 weeks. I’m not capping the number of entrants this year but if ever by some miracle I get too much I’ll make a decision.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Post when you recieve your gift! Pictures are preferred but a thank you post with a little detail would be very much appreciated.

When Shipping, you MUST get a tracking number. I’ve been lenient on people whose packages got lost but not this year. Get a tracking number once you ship and send it to me in a pm with “Secret Santa: Tracking” in the title. If I don’t get a tracking number, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt.

Once you signup, I will randomly assign people to each other, and PM each person the name of the person who’s name they revealed. When everyone has received their gift, I will reveal the matchups

Well! Now that the bad stuff is out of the way let’s get on with it. To sign up you send me a PM with the Title “Sign up: your username” along with the following information:

  1. SRK Handle
  2. Full Name
  3. Full Address
  4. Are you willing to ship internationally?
  5. Stuff you like (Feel free to link your amazon/newegg/thinkgeek/etc wishlists)

Don’t send me a PM if you aren’t eligible. I don’t care if you beg, buy premium, send me your address, send me dick pix. Only PM’s I’ll accept are eligible ones and “I’m vouching for XYZ and understand what that entails”.

I know I’m harsh this year but it’s all part of the NNLB act!

Let’s do it! Holiday spirit and all that shit!


I wanna participate this year but I’ll see how my current job is like before signing up.


I really want to be a part of this again this year but I’m already in Tech talk secret santa. I’d like to be able to do both but the cut off/assignment date for TTSS isn’t 'til November 1st and I want to be able to give good gifts in both but need to know what people on both sides want so I can budget.
I’ve asked kyle if there’s any chance of being paired early so I can figure out what to do.


I’m in like Flynn.


Your join date won’t be an issue :rofl:.


Pssh you can’t let those newbs in :rofl:, I am in.


Signing up of course for another glorious year of SS; will PM you during the day, Val; need to figure out a wishlist.

Do you happen to know if sign-ups for premium SS are already open/about to end?


They haven’t yet but you’d have to ask Preppy about that, he runs it.


Well I’ve been around for about a year and a few months. I know I don’t meet the 2008 requirement but when I saw this last year I totally wanted to do it. :frowning: I have a job and can aford the gift and everything. Just would need your approval to know if I should even send a PM.


Just get someone who joined in 2008 or before to vouch for you…


I’m in this like Newports in the ghetto.



I’m in. Things are finally starting to look up.


That’s damn good to hear.


I’m in.
Also, glad things are going better, RC.


I’m in there because what I got last year was hilariously odd.


Signing up. Hope I don’t get shafted like the last 2 years.


what does NNLB stand for?

Is this the same secret santa event that was done last year?

/can’t post much,at work, but will sign up when I get home.


How did you get shafted…


Yes it’s the same event
And NNLB is the No Niggas Left Behind legislative act. Basically just making sure for the first time this year, nobody gets shafted.


Signed up, can’t wait for things to be in full swing.