Secret Santa 2017 - Sign Up Oct 1 to Nov 10


Once everybody gets gifts will the list of who had who be released?


That is the plan.

I Might Just do the US list as the International peeps are going to face natural delays in shipping


I think we can tell based on where it shipped from :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing I sent has made it to the country it’s going, get keen! :stuck_out_tongue:


Secret Santa List for 2017 (USA Only)


@spenzalii - thanks for the Ibuki figure, it sits on my desk right now!

Also, major shoutouts to @Feargus001100 for the bonus gift, you came through in the clutch with the modded PS2! Looking forward to playing it soon (pics to come once the confetti is gone and the desk is cleaned a little more)


You are quite welcome. It was the one thing I could find and ship before the cutoff date. I was worried you may have had Ibuki already, but rolled the dice. The comics were a last second pickup from perusing Fanthom Comics after work. Fortunately I had some spare bags and backs at home


So with the SRK forums going away at the end of the month, I think its time to wrap everything up.

The Two Bonus Secret Santa givers are

Everyone on the US List should got their stuff by now.
I only didn’t hear from International, but I dont know we get feed back in time


Wait…you’re joking, right?


I wish


I just wanted to say that I was happy to take part in this final SRK TTSS. I put a lot of thought and heart into my gift ideas over the years and I hope those who were lucky enough to be my recipients were happy with their gifts.


I feel the same way, hopefully we can keep this one alive in the new platform.


I feel really sad now :frowning:


…man, just when I was about to get back in the game.

Glad I was able to participate too if this truly is the last TTSS, but I’m sure TT will resurface :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:


I have received my package! Technically, someone else picked it up for me, and I can only put my hands on it this weekend :frowning:

But still, thanks @killkong1211 !!

Really sad the place is being shutdown, and I really hope there’s a new place that this can be continued (tech talk part at least). I might be lurking most of the time, but I have learned a lot from reading stuff here.


Almost everyone got their gifts, I believe…


And a lot of people (including my procrastinating ass) haven’t yet posted their pics and thanks in-thread. While some would argue “why bother now?” I say…

“Because this ain’t the end!”


Why look at that?
Time to ask this thread to get unsticked,
Easter is only 45 days away


Time flies doesn’t it. Until later this year folks!


I had fun participating in the Secret Santa last year. I’m hoping for more financial solvency so I can participate again this year; wife permitting.