Secret Santa 2018: The Match of the Modders


Back by Popular Demand, This is SRK Tech Talk’s Annual Secret Santa Thread

Were merging this year efforts with General Topics for this year

Head to 2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend and join it.

Deadline is November 17 to sign up

Old Post:

How it works:
You sign up and buy a random SRKer a Christmas gift and a random SRKer will buy you one too. This is a sacred GD Tech Talk tradition so do not screw over anybody on gifts because it is an automatic permaban. We understand it gets tricky with the postal office so don’t think its a hammer drop just because silly things happened in the mail. This is usually opened only to members who have been around for a year already (and active GD Tech Talk users). So if you’re brand new, please post that you want to join and I’ll do some snooping to make sure you actually post here. Please Read the rules.

  • Copied from Pertho’s GD Secret Santa Thread. Edits by the Sith Lord Dark Sakul.

Sign Up Begins NOW, October 18 and ends November 13.
Assignments will go sometime that night or next morning day.
All gifts needed to be shipped by December 16.

If you Sign up and want to withdraw, you need to withdraw before November 13.
As its unfair to everyone else. Have issues, PM me.

Here are this year’s rules:

Member must be 2017 or earlier Join Date.

  • $20 minimum before shipping.Gift Cards are not allowed, unless your Recipient allows it.
  • Along with the $20 minimum gift(s), you must include a handmade card and something unexpected.
  • You must have the package shipped and trackable by December 16, 2018 (You have to PM/Email me the Tracking Number).
  • Instant Ban if you do not send a gift (this is treated like a Trading Outlet trade).


  • You must be sign in date of 2017 or older.
  • If your Sign in date is 2017 someone who does qualify must vouche for you.
  • If you vouch for someone, you are also responsible if your vouchee does bad.
  • You MUST meet all the requirements for TRADING OUTLET Trading (6 months, and have 50 posts) , this last part is not negotiable .


  • You will ship the package to your Recipient by December 16, 2018.
  • When you ship, you must e-mail to me a picture of the package or receipt with the tracking Number.
  • If you are in the US I will pair you with US, Canada to Canada, UK to UK, etc.
  • If you are willing to ship Internationally please indicate it during signup. International participants could get anyone. If there is a lack of interest with International I will drop the International portion and combine US with Canada (as nature as intended).


  • Post on this thread, traditionally we included a picture of your SRK Handle on paper: be creative.
  • With the picture, post the following information:

SRK Handle (Your name here on SRK)
Join Date (the date you first made your current SRK account)
Country of Residence (Where are you located US, UK, Canada, Philippines, ect … )
Ship International (Yes or No)
Three Liked Items (try to be general here)
Optional: Are you okay with Gift Cards

After you sign up, send an e-mail to **@. with the title
“ Tech Talk SS Sign Up [your user name]” with the following information

  1. SRK Handle
  2. Full Name
  3. Full Address
  4. Are you willing to ship internationally?

May the odds be ever in your favour .

earthwormben (UK)


Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns

Live long the tradition. WIll post my sign up info this weekend


@d3v is it possible to get this thread sticked ?



Count me and my five minutes of sign making in


Don’t forget to email me at the email provided.
It’s how I am keeping track and doing assignments this year.



That laser cut or 3D printed?


3d printed


Neat, hadn’t thought of printing onto clear perspex before, looks cool


Should be posting mine soon, so hyped! I want to make something custom again :smiley:


Nice, You do come up with some cool stuff.



Contestants so far


So far I only got emails from Killkong1211 and Butteroj
Everyone else please email me at
It’s how I am organizing everything this year

Spenzali (Waiting for his entry)
Gummo (soon as he gets his account fix)

I also might make some changes down the road, mostly if we dont get alot of participants.
We got only one person willing to do international.


I sent an email from my icloud account yesterday after I signed up. Let me know if you didn’t get it, and I’ll resend it today after picking up my PS4 Pro.


If it’s anything like last year there will probably be a few late submissions that bolster the numbers


@Darksakul - I sent you a pm regarding my email. Once I get to work, I can’t exactly check as I work in a federal facility and can’t have my phone out except in specific areas. I’ll check a couple of times during the night though.


resent the email @darksakul. doublechecked the email address and I dun goofed.You should have it now.


Were good :+1:


so … quiet …