Secret Santa 2018: The Match of the Modders


I’m in, I’ll email my details soon


I still need to submit my picture (life + procrastination) but I am still in…


Joined: 11-09
US of A
Int’l? Not this year, unfortunately
Likes? R/C stuff, BBQ stuff, Joystick parts, any nerd tek
Gift Cards? Sure…


So I been talking with Pertho as GD Secret Santa been slow to gain participants.
I offered to merge the two as the Holidays are the seasons for giving and I hate to see it go.

Also Sign up ends tomorrow. So if you are on the Wall, please decide soon.


how would that work exactly? The lists from the TT and GD secret santas would be pooled and we’d choose from the combined pool?


Details as soon as we iron them out. The GD SS signs up end on saturday. But I’m sure we can work out some good inbetween about what to do and all that mess.


So the idea is were going to pool over to their group. Just go and follow up on there sign up.
Were not giving up Secret Santa, were just joining forces with General Discussion to get more participants under one roof.
Rules are a little different but it shouldn’t be drastic change, you just have Pertho doing the show instead of me. The deadline is also further back than mine so it give more time for peeps to join in. Biggest difference is you all can’t vouch newbies in. Maybe this year the message would stick more when we got to tell someone “NO” when Pethro says it.

I also send a email out to let everyone who already email the the change.

I leave the link here


So just to be clear, new submission under their thread and follow any of the alternate rules, yes?


Sent Pertho my details posted in GDSS


Yea, rules are for the most part similar enough were I didnt think it was a major issue


Hope I didn’t arrive too late. I love SRKTTSS.


We’re merging SS with GDSS this year Royal, jump into their thread, post there and email Pertho as per their rules :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support, but head over to

Were teaming up with GD this year



Late again, living under a rock does not halp :weary:

Just read through the GD thread, and it’s so awesome that folks are still working hard to make this thing happen every year.

@Darksakul please PM me if a random good litte TT or GD goy or birl needs an extra gift this year.

Miss all y’all TT homies, will try to do better next year.

Making a calendar reminder nau for TTSS2019