Security question

Hi guys,
This is a serious question. After the Orlando incident (God bless) had anyone had actual second thoughts about attending Evo or is it just me. I know we can’t live in fear in our great country but a high level CIA officer did give a public address after Orlando where he said that there most likely would be more attacks. I really have been looking forward to going. Am I just being too nervous or is this really a prime target because I live in Reno, NV and we were on a ISIL hit list. Sorry I know this isn’t the nicest of subjects. Do you think the convention center will be safe and secure? Thanks

You’ll be fine. Or at least as fine as anywhere else. Don’t let terrorists stop you from having fun.

I just hope EVO doesn’t allow cowboys in with guns. I’d def cancel if I find out people are allowed to bring in weapons if they have carry permits.

Las Vegas is probably one of the most secure locations in the world. Millions of dollars change hands every day with no problems.

Thanks guys