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WTB: PS2 rj-45 cables, Kidrobot Dictator

pm sent for pcbs


Bump for sold items and added agetec DC PCB’s.


Bump to top.


Bump. Added rj45 playstation and usb cables.


I’m actually in need of a new RJ-45 PS cord, conveniently enough! I’ve sent you a PM my good man.


I’ll take one of those PS2 Cordless Actions for $15 if you’re willing to.


How much for 2 PS2 cords w/blue boots shipped to 92071, CA?


Yeah we can do that. Just send a PM.

I don’t have any ps2 (black) cords left, but tons of sony ps1 and generic cords. So the price for two of those would be $20 for generic cables or $24 for sony cables, shipping included. Just pm me what you need.


This guys work is super impressive. absolutely amazing!


Thanks! :china:


PM sent for DC pcb




How many of the DC PCBs do you have left?

Would you be willing to ship international?


1 Pending, 2 left. I’m sure we could work out the details.
Just pm me and we can get the wheels rollin.






Bump for sold items and added a couple of items.

Get your rj45 console cables here guys!
Adding 12’ gamecube cables very soon.


Order made and being sent. Thanks NiteWalker the work looks clean and professional.


edit: nvm sorry friend changed his mind