Seeing as how people are willing to spend $30+ for every "new" version of Alpha 3

Would you guys buy:

An SF3 compilation that allows you to play through the sf3 game of your choice with any version of your favorite character from the SF3 series? An SF3 Chronical, if you will. The command types (overheads and throws), frame data, and options available to you depend on what version character you’re using, not the version of sf3 you choose.

Would you buy the same type game if one were made for the Alpha series?

I’m an old school dude so i’d go with alpha but seriously…BOTH!!!

I’d pay for a legit Capcom anthology disk with enhanced network code.

have all street fighter cps1,2,3 games from world warriors to third strike.

i’d buy it for alpha 3 with xbox live, new tcp/ip stack and ‘good’ rankings.

no console code, just official ‘emus’. maybe revive scene a bit.


Capcom needs to wake up. We need games like these to be released, not lame Sf Alpha 3 double upper-esque crap rehashes.


Altough to be sincere i’d been happy enough with the Double Upper Alpha 3 if they had thrown in Mike Haggar instead of the noisy bitch of Ingrid.

It would depend on if they did “retroactive” modes for all of the characters that weren’t in the series from the beginning, like they did for Vampire Chronicle. For example, Jedah didn’t show up until Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3) in that series, but Capcom created Vampire (Darkstalkers 1) and Vampire Hunter (Darkstalkers 2) “grooves” for him in Chronicle. If they did so, then I might consider it. If not, then I probably wouldn’t.

Imagine being able to play as Alpha 3 characters but with Alpha 2-style gameplay (fewer wacky move priorities, no bizarre air games, etc.).

I’d love a SF3 compilation, if only to see how Ibuki used to play (I hear she used to be better) and to see those fucked up “Defeat portraits” again that I saw on some sites a while ago.

To be honest, I didn’t even know there were different “upgrades” of A3. >_>

cvs2, 3s, st compilation FTW…

Where’d you see the portraits? Were they off slateman? If not, I wanna see em. The world could do with more Sean ownage and bitching about how he’s not Dan.

Ibuki was GOD-tier with the abilty to EASILY combo into Yoroi Doshi or Hashin Sho.

Alpha 3 for arcade. Zero/Alpha 3 upper for arcade and home systems. Upper with cvs2 characters for GBA. The same damn game with Ingrid and Tagging, which is what everyone is raving about now, as if it’s totally new or something.

I really can’t remember. That’s why I said that I could see 'em in one of the earlier SF3 games. All I can remember is that the link to the site(s) was somewhere in a sticky in the Image Mishmash section. The sticky was called something about ‘Fighting Game Art Sites’, that kind of thing.

(Sorry to double post, if I have (someone else could be posting right now for all I know) but I don’t know how to edit a quote in and still have who said it stated at the top)

Isn’t Ingrid the one that was in the cancelled Fighting Allstars or whatever the hell name they pulled out of a hat this time?

And I have SFA3 on PS1. But is it a horribly slow version of the game, then, or is it meant to be like fighting underwater?

Yeah, Ingrid’s the little blue-clad girl originally designed to be in All-Stars. After All-Stars was cancelled, they created a 2D version of her for Fighting Jam/Fighting Evolution. Seems she’ll basically be the same in the new Alpha 3.

She probably gets one new move…or maybe not…they needed a filler for this game so they made her into that game…meh, should’ve kept all-stars…

All-Stars was gonna have Batsu, Akira, and HAGGAR. FUCKING HAGGAR. :sad:

As for Double-Upper or any compilation-type game ala Hyper SF2, I’ll get it… if it ISN’T on a portable. Still pisses me off that Double-Upper’s on PSP. They’ll probably take out all the endings too like in the GBA version. :tdown: Though even if they don’t, I want that shit on a BIG-ASS TV.


My friends want to play sitting around a 36" TV. Not all huddled around a PSP. We can olny hope.

I think that being on the PSP with 1.8GBs they’ll be able to fit all endings…and probably have a new one with the new characters, so that they ‘actually’ do something…

I know it’s kind of off topic, but was there ever an official word on why All Stars was cancelled? I know a lot of people say it’s cause of shit talking from the fans, but was that really the official word? Just curious

Co-Sign. Those 2nd Impact “Defeated” pics where awesome.

I would buy it if it had these features
[] Being able to restrict the choice of character versions online.
] Stage select online with all SF3 game stages.
[] Ranking system which states how many times someone has dropped. It would be a % value.
] Droppers getting a loss and the person who drops a win.
[] An online search option to put a restriction on a % of a persons drops. Lets say I make the restriction to 10% that would mean it would only search for players with a drop % of 10% or less. Also, you would be able to select open which would search for any players regardless of the drop %.
] It would display your tag and a ranking title which is dependent on your style of play. If you rush down a lot, then that would be your title. If you are a throw master (with Hugo, alex, blah blah ) then it would give you that title.
[*] Tournament Mode.

Wake up from dream :devil: