Seeing as how people are willing to spend $30+ for every "new" version of Alpha 3

NICE! and add to that the ability to search for opponents based on character (similar to the % system you were talking about) this way you can filter out scrubs but it’s only a dream…

i just want an arcade perfect port of a3 for homesystem, with out being the x box runnin the rom =/

For the Alpha series?

Probably. And because I like storyline related stuff too I’d probably want something that of a character bio. Kinda like what Soul Calibur 2 had, not the two or three sentences in the manual. I’d want the character to character win quotes that weren’t in any of the US games brought over too. Just so that you know all the SF Alpha trivia once you own the game.

A SF3 free for all would be nice. I doubt Capcom would ever make one, though.

These are all the system differences I can remember off the top of my head- I’m not talking about character differences like “Denjin has 2 bars in game x”

Most damage and stun
Faster characters
Can’t use EX moves
Can’t taunt
Can’t kara throw
Can’t red parry
2 air parrying options

2nd Impact
Medium damage and stun
Can’t kara throw
Can’t red parry
2 air parrying options

3rd Strike
Least damage and stun
1 air parrying option A REALLY good site for all SF art. Apparently they’re still active and still adding more art as well.

As for suggestion, yeah I’d totally buy. Anything to keep me busy until Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out.:rolleyes: And yeah Capcom needs to get off their lazy asses. Even if they made a few copies you know people would buy it. They already pissed me off when they didn’t make Breath of Fire the right way.

fixed for you

That’s all that matters

Ibuki and Akuma were horribly broken in 2I, I don’t know if you want those modes available to them, lol.

Sean and Alex were actually decent characters back then though.

They can give them HSFAE O.Sagat treatment as far as I care(making Ibuki’s SA3 not link off everything, and giving Akuma recovery time). But if this ever happens, Sean better have his b+Medium/Hard Attack meter glitch.

It would be a possibility. Apparently their “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude would just mean repackaging with a “brand new” smell.

I’d pick up an Alpha compilation like that, because I right now I’d kill for good arcade ports of the Alpha games on Xbox. As for SF3, I’m not really too interested in that one, because IMHO, it took them three tries to work the kinks out of SF3, while the Alpha games really stand on their own.

Horribly broken is someone like COTA Magneto.
Second Impact isn’t known like 3rd Strike is. Nevertheless I’m pretty sure those two don’t have 10-0/9-1 matches against everyone else.

Alpha 1 is shit. New Generation is shitty too, but less shitty than Alpha 1. Second Impact is a very solid game and not as broken as everyone makes it out to be. Alpha 2 and 3 can stand on their own, but so can Second Impact and Third Strike.

Mod your Xbox.

Yea, sfgalleries is what slateman is to me. I don’t think it has any of the win poses, though.

How come no one’s ever thought of making an emulation solution to this problem? An open source emulator that is capable of playing a variety of (specifically) fighting games and supports all the common fighting game hardware like Joysticks (PS2/Dreamcast/etc…)? Also being able to set the settings to arcade perfect speed no matter what type of processor you’re using to play it on. Even if it’s not viable for sanctioned tourneys it would at least alieviate some of the problems with setting up small and local tourneys. If you happen to own the original arcade board, it might not even be a problem (legally) to have a back-up of the sotware running on a PC for a touney.

A possible Solution for the problem of rare games that either didn’t get ported or had bad/broken/“fixed” ports.
Would work on most any modern PC’s. As opposed to cabs it’s a much easier and accessable option.
Arcade perfect and you can use whatever joystick you want.
Works for practically any game. Unlike Alpha 2/3

Might be illegal for big tournament use
Sounds like a time-consuming project and there’s no way to pay the developers.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. No reason why open source can’t serve the fighting games community and an emulator that’s specifically geared to support fighting games would be a great thing to have even if you weren’t using it for tounaments.

damn i miss those defeated portraits. capcom is getting lazier and lazier with each game.

And now it’s time for the GameFAQs comedy hour!

The Alpha 3 DU board is full of lovely topics, but this one takes the cake:

what i’d like to see is a revamped Alpha 2 engine, with greater emphasis on the ground game (and unbroken CCs). even now i can’t find a game with footsies as fun to watch as Alpha 2, and i’m surprised Capcom didn’t take it further than Zero 2 Alpha.

make it stop please make it stop

Thats all I want to see too. I don’t even have an Xbox but I will and mod that shit.

Guys aN ARCADE perfect A3 port has been out for a LONG ASS TIME FOR XBOX…Final Burn Alpha XXX or KAwa-X…its been out for a REALLY LONG TIME…What Capcom needs to do is make a Alpha compilation WITH DOUBLE UPPER…tagging in Yun and V-Ryu sounds BRUTAL!!!:badboy: (Genei-Jin if in the game AND V-RYU CC COMBOS…oh boy!!!:clap: )

Yes the timing is different for Arcade and DC, but if youre an expert it wont take too long to adjust from DC to Arcade V-Ism combos…they are not THAT DAMN DIFFERENT…but yes timings are different.

With Alpha 3 for now I just use many DC converters when I throw tournaments, seems to work and it gets out the way excuses people can make because “I dont wanna play with the shitty DC pad.”

They cant say that if I let them use their own controller.

The major thing with the XBOX port is sometimes it will slowdown, not much but I have noticed it does. (And yes mine is straight from the HD, NOT A DVD)

I’m not buying another version of Alpha 3 u nless it’s online, and not on handheld either.