Seeing as the PAL version of KOF12 isnt out yet, you reckon they'll fix/patch it?

At least the 1.01 patch, let a lone a complete fix.

No, and that’s one reason why I imported.

I’m gonna wait and see, simply cause im in no rush to pay 40 for it.

but I don’t think it will.

Ive heard that the online isn’t that bad in Japan (haven’t played it myself), so I don’t think they will. I think there could be DLC at some point, since it appears they already have some more content available already, but why give it us on release when they can try and sell it to us eh?

The funny thing is, I doubt the game will be touched code wise so I wonder why the game was held back in Europe. Maybe it’s for region coding…

SCEE wont allow you to release a game in PAL territory’s unless it has a 50hz PAL (576i) mode for people with standard def TV’s, so they could be implementing that.

Any PAL TV bought in the last few years will support NTSC, and PAL-60hz, you’re right.

I doubt that’s the reason for delay, it’s most likely manufacturer/publisher problems as usual.

always wait in pal for five different euro languare translations.