Seeing S.T.A.R.S: The Nemesis Video Thread



Noble Cactus is to thank for the title

a compilation thread of all of the Nemesis videos we can find.

  1. Nemesis’ing OnlyWingedAngel Combo Video Day -2


  1. Maxmillian’s Marvel Madness pt 2. Floe


  1. FingerCramp’s Nemesis Tutorial


  1. KamuiMoon’s Nemesis Combos


  1. Nemesis Tutorial and Reset Situations by Sh1nd


  1. Andre Jago’s Nemesis Tutorial


7.OnlyWingedAngel vs Tunglive Casuals Sets


  1. Fanatiq vs Combofiend(Nemesis) Casual sets


  1. CrispyTacoz’s Nemesis/Iron Fist BnBs


  1. Nameda’s Nemesis Infinite Corner Tech Trap Reset


  1. OnlyWingedAngel’s Nemesis, Undead Frenzy


  1. DarkSlayerX’s Nemesis Day 1 Combos using assists


  1. Nemesis @ NEC (Unknown’s gameplay

  1. UMVC3: OnlyWingedAngel’s Becoming S.T.A.R.S Nemesis Tutorial


  1. UMVC3: Nemesis Deadly Resets and Misc. Combos by Devil slayer x


If you have a vid PM me or post it here so I can update the first post


Awesome, I have a tiny legacy on this site.

Anyway, you might want to add the Shady_K video on the front page. Even if it only has two Nemesis segments, it shows some cool assist work with Wesker and Spencer. Not to mention that Kara none of us thought of, lol


nemesis is sooooo fun



^ Spoiler Tag please and nice combo where you jump back to do a j.H Its nice to know that Nemesis can switch out for another character after a command grab. Though why not just do the combo with Nemesis? WHAT YOU GOT AGAINST HIM HMM?? lol jk.


More to come when i finally found out whos neme’s BFF… :


^o…m…g…those RESETS.

I really appreciate all those practical situational combos too. Gives a great insight into how this character handles certain situations.

Also, it’s official, Fatal Mutation is actually a good move.


Now those are some really fancy nice combos, I like the relaunches espicially.

But’s funny how the less hits a Nemesis combo has the seemingly more damage. Just adding special or a single H at the end of RL Slam M or Clothesline adds to allot of damage.

I’ve done some successful resets online already and one in particiular was a c.H into Kara-cancel command grab against a certain Frank West who would not stop blocking. I like all the situations you posted up for resets. Looks like I still have some training mode to work even further with Nemesis practicing for MORE than just the c.H cancel into command grab


Nemesis seems to have a lot of ways to pressure people on the ground. Tick throws, really good kara-grabs, semi-instant overheads, etc.

You can’t exactly chicken block against him either.


so much win in these vids. i need to train harder!


Desk’s General Combos Video



Wow 3 RELAUNCHES IN A NEMESIS COMBO? Crazy. Though I must say that so far his most damaging combos have been the most basic and simple ones lol. However if you mange to start a combo by standing special (For anti-air purposes or you got lucky) these re launches will be the best way to do some damage from air combos.


How is he doing that relaunch with air H and air down H? I can’t seem to get the relaunch to go, and dont know if its my timing or what


The combo works only with a limited amount of hits on the ground, if i’m correct it won’t work after a clothesline or RL Slam is implemented due to hitstun deterioration. You have to delay the Angled Deadly Reach after the j.H you have to let the j.H hit and stand for a second or two then follow up with the Deadly Reach and as soon as Nemesis hits the ground use a launcher.

What I don’t know is how he manages 3 in a row.


This is a set a casuals with my friend over a lobby. My execution isn’t the greatest most of the time it happens not in timing, but in doing the wrong move (Example I do a RL Slam when I meant to do a Clothesline ALLOT of the time) The other parts are coming along on youtube
This is relevant because I primarily use Nemesis 99% of the time in these matches (with an exception of using Frank West once)

OnlyWingedAngel vs Tunglive Casuals Sets



I now have a capture device (I’ll try to fix the fuzziness on moving the characters but at least I can record properly now) so expect to see allot more videos from me. Up and coming is two recordings of several randoms on ranked match.



Nemesis: I can haz top tier nao?


Updated, and if thats really unescapable sides for certain characters thats going to be so much trolling fun.


…So Sentinel and Nova are the only ones who can escape that I think @_@


Nemesis, Undead Frenzy



M0ar Nemesis videos


Good stuff :tup:
Helped out my Nemesis game a lot.


Snapback reset is dirty.



For those who hate the Phoenix match-up, I just made your lives ten times easier lol.