Seek a new Fightstick plz help!

Hi and first TNX to whitout you guys i would never heard of FightSticks
i got the Madcatz Official Street Fighter IV FightStick SE but modded with sanwa part
i have it for 2 years now and i want to change the fightstick is too small for me i got big hands give me your choice of fightsticks plz my bujet is 200$ max tnx and have a nice day :wink: (for a Ps3 and i live in canada)

I would recommend the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA, or the Madcatz TE line.

If playing on PC is important to you as well as PS3, grab a stick from the Hori series. If you don’t really care, then pick a TE stick that looks cool.

tnx bigboss i will take the hori one on have a nace day man

snag a TE.

TE ones are nice. So is the HRAP line.

did you figure out what you want to get?

The SSF4 TE sticks have the shape of a wide rectangle. That should be plenty of room for your hands.

If you have a backwards compatible PS3, stick with the HRAP series as these sticks work with PS2 games via BC. MadCatz does not.

unless it’s modded(but that’s extra money).

I REALLY like the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA. I have also used the TE stick which is good, but I need the backwards compatibility.