Seeking a secondary for Bison



Does anyone know which characters would be good for a secondary to counter Bison’s bad matches? In my local everyone pretty much plays characters that give Bison problems.


Seth does well against Guile, Gief and Honda. He’s never suited my playstyle so I don’t use him but he’s solid against Bison’s bad matchups. Just don’t get hit by Gief lol.

If you’re gonna stick about it’s best to post these kinds of questions in the threads that already exist too mate rather than make an entirely new thread about it.



Oh, and I’ll continue this over there then.


i always like ryu, and play him as my secondary, cos he helps me learn skills bison doesnt use.


I play Seth takes care of gief, guile,yun,and pocket ryu for thawk.


T. Hawk? Just use Blanka.


T. Hawk? Just use Bison.<div><br></div><div>That match-up is not that bad, no need to counter-pick.  </div>


Jakob told me Rose is a good secondary for a Bison main.


Rose? How come? 


She covers a lot of Bison’s bad matchups (Guile, DJ, Gief, Honda, etc) or at least has a better matchup than Bison does with those. Also they play somewhat similarly in that they both have great pokes and safe pressure. <div><br></div><div>I’m trying to learn her, Rose is a much more fun character than Bison anyway.</div>


Anything is more fun than Bison imo. Know who else covers Bison’s bad matchups? Cammy. /trollface


I still can’t wrap my head around how she beats Honda or Guile


I’ve always felt she beats Guile. Honda I dunno. I suck vs Honda anyway.

I wouldn’t mind using Rose though, she’s fun.


Juri doesn’t seem too shabby.


Guile is unwinnable for her too according to Juri players.


I use Dee Jay. He’s bad against Guile, but I find that him and Bison are easy to switch between.


I would try Fei then, he’s very similar to Bison in terms of playstyle and he’s pretty well-rounded in his match-ups; being able to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Seth, Cammy, and Akuma.


Agreed. I came to the conclusion of Fei/Cammy/Ibuki/Adon and 2 of them have a footsie/pressure style. I still wanna play Yang though.