Seeking advice for a passive player


I’m slow player who can only do High execution things on moderatly. While trying to improve this I’ve been coping by playing more defensive. But Due to that I have very little means of of applying offense except for small links/ pokes, punishers, and set ups. I can’t even handle basic such as BNBs, mix up , and pressures. I’ve tried and still trying to improve on these but style seem set in their ways. (playing passive defense)

Its not my goal to be the best player but I do want to be competitive competent in the games I play. I seem to fair well in games like SF2, Samurai showdown 2, last blade 2 and the equivalent. But games like KofXIII, Marvel vs, Guilty Gear and equivalent are my weakest games. I don’t want to drop these games but I my confidence is very low as feel these games are beyond my limits.


Working at a tip-of-the-attack distance is really good for matches where the pace slows and quickens often. It does so well through the use of constant pressure and works especially well if you throw in a few safe pokes to get them riled up. Then when they start attacking just step out of their attack range and counter poke with like a low forward or far reaching high move if you think they can block/parry. The reason for the high move is that low forward is so common that it’s the go to parry and most far reaching high moves are slow and inadvertently help you avoid random parries.


This definitively help in mid screen and when opponents are corner. But what about when I’m cornered my self? I have …habit of placing my self in corners. Ironically why it does not offer many advantages, its scenario I’m very familiar with. and even dare say comfortable with at times.


I’ve been learning KoFXIII and I can tell you that some of those HD combos aren’t really feasible. What I do is take aspects of the combos in training mode that I like and use those, rather than trying to use the whole combo. I’m not really all that good with the execution in that game so I just try to make it work any way I can, and if that means editing down the provided combos, then so be it.

But if you’re playing the right game and you get cornered (KoF or GG) the game gives you ways to get yourself out (Evade or Guard Cancel Roll in KoF, Burst, Dead Angle Attack, Air Dash, etc in Guilty Gear).

If you’re clever, you can lure an opponent to the corner and then turn the tables on them placing THEM in the corner. I figured out that this tripped a lot of people up in SF4 (I’m a Guile player so they expect me to corner myself, but they DON’T expect me to suplex them into the corner and beat them that way!)

Bottom line is, you HAVE to attack to win the fight, so don’t get passive to the point of not attacking, but find ways to make your style work in the game. If it’s a more bait-and-punish style, so be it.