Seeking Assistance

First off, I apologize if there are other threads like this, I used the search tool but didn’t find anything.

Anyway, I’m very new to street fighter, I started playing when it came out on the PC a little over a month ago. Just over a week ago, I decided to get a TE madcatz stick. Before I got the stick, I was pretty much just spending my time on unlocking the characters, colors, taunts, and working on challenge trials. After I got the stick, I started working on memorizing combos and move execution in training mode against the dummy opponent.

Anyway,getting to the point, I played my first online matches today (goddam it’s laggy!) and I got my ass handed to me. The problem isn’t that I don’t know the moves and combos, it’s that I don’t know when to use them. As soon as my opponent jumped at me, I just blanked out, and just sorta… pushed buttons and hoped for the best…

So I guess what I mean to ask is, are their any excercises or something that will teach me WHEN to actually use combos and moves etc? (unlike the challenge trials which teach you HOW to execute moves)

Oh and, I see a lot of people saying that new players should learn Ryu or Ken first, but I reeaaalllyyy don’t want to play a shoto character, I have a lot of fun playing viper… although if playing with Ryu or Ken to start out is truly necessary to get better at this game, I will do it…

Thanks in advance!

idk why ppl say to learn ken or ryu first i think thats so stupid, i started of learning viper first and im pretty damn beastly with her. as far as learning what to do that just comes with experience u might wanna check out the matchup sticky to learn what to do for specific matchups like FFF a wiffed dragon punch and such, but the only way u can learn when to use a combo is read what you can punish and go online and actually play against real ppl. when u play ppl online you get a way more dynamic match then you would just practicing punishing in training mode. although online there is lag which kinda sucks but no biggie if u get a decent connection.

match up sticky

moveset and attributes

read ALOT and practice ALOT is the only way to get better with viper those stickies should be more then enough to get you started, also if u have a question ask it in the Q&A thread its a great place to have specific questions answered instead of making a new thread.

If you’re just starting out then don’t worry about combos too much. Just keep playing matches and you’ll eventually learn the basics of when you should and shouldn’t do certain moves. In the beginning I feel it’s more important to learn the flow of the game rather than practicing combos in training mode and then going into a match clueless. Start learning how to fierce punch thunder knuckle jumpins on reaction or just block high and then go into a crouch block if you can’t get it out in time. Watch match videos on youtube. This helped me alot when I first started playing. I spent like 1 month before I actually started playing the game just watching match videos to see how a match flows from start to finish because I didn’t have access to my ps3 at the time. The only combo you’ll really need to know this early on is xx mp thunder knuckle. Use it for quick easy punishes and just throw it out in strings. You’ll get alot of counter hits with Also don’t use Viper’s sweep. It crazy slow. This hurt me alot early on when I made the switch to C. Viper. Before I used characters with good quick sweeps like Balrog, so this kinda threw me off in the beginning. Just focus on getting lots of gameplay experience for now rather than spending time in training mode learning combos. That’s only the real way to learn what to do when you’re in a match.

i totally agree the only real way to learn a match is to actually play it, but learning combos are very important and i think its just as important as actually just playing online over and over again, i learned more from reading and sitting in training mode then playing scrubs online, its kinda a pick and choose what u like but both are equally important, learning FFF is important but learning when to use FFF in a match is just as important.

if your looking to level up fast play peeps from SRK get your ass whooped and take all the knowledge you can from the beat downs you take, think about what you did wrong and how you can correct it, you will learn more from the people on this bored then playing randoms online. look for patterns in your opponent. one problem i had starting out was learning a new combo in training mode but being scared to use it in a match cuz it didnt feel safe to me and i ended up just using, if you see yourself having this problem just try using the combo anyway even if you get punished and over time you will figure out when to use it and when not too.

but remember learning combos and learning matchups go hand and hand, dont just do one, try to get a hour in training mode atleast learning combos then the rest u can play online, u will def see results that way.

Thanks all, I found all of this VERY helpful :slight_smile:

kura sawa