Seeking HRAP2 mod advice

OK, so I finally settled on getting a HRAP2, as several good players swear by it, and recommended I get one. I’ve located one and will be ordering it in the near future. I intend to modify it as I’d rather not stick with the hori stock parts. My dilemma is, I’m not exactly sure what parts I should get, or where to get them.

If someone else has done this particular mod before and has had great success, I’d appreciate some input, as at the moment I’m still fumbling over what joystick/buttons to buy. I’m leaning towards an LS-32, 6 standard Seimitsu snap ins, 2 smaller ones for start and select, and some hole plugs, but that’s about the extend of my knowledge thus far. A little help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone else has other suggestions for a great setup for marvel, I’m definitely interested.

Getting six buttons (Sanwa or Seimitsu, the only difference being a matter of preference. Sanwa is great, but Im leaning towards Seimitsu’s lately) and a pair of button plugs for the last two holes is a great start, and probably all you’ll need. The sanwa stick in it is great already; at least give it a try before you unnecessarily throw away the money on a new stick. Replacing the buttons is dead easy to do. Replacing the start and select isn’t necessary, so really only look into it if you want to keep the buttons matching colors.

Don’t use an hrap2 for marvel.

What do you recommend? I was originally looking at a MAS with a P360, but I’ve heard so many negative things about it, I’d rather not have to go through a lot of headaches. I just want a decent set up to practice with that works, and will work for awhile.

I can play marvel just fine with a HRAP. Its all preference.

QFT =). I can actually play on both Happs and Japanese sticks. I prefer the latter, but since most arcades use Happs, I try to play on those more.

As for the options for modding the HRAP2, any 30mm button will work. So Sanwa OBSF-30’s and Seimitsu PS-14-G, PS-14-K, PS-14-G’s will work, although I recommend not using PS-14-G’s since the buttons are flat.

Look at my guide in my sig if you need help with modding. If you still have questions, feel free to PM me.