Seeking information about programatically retrieving player details


I’m looking for an API or some other method for pulling player statistics (wins, loses, etc) from the servers about SFV players.

Any technical details would be appreciated.


Someone made a site for this:


Yes, but I want access to the data that they have. Not just the data that they show. I have a professional statistician in my house just dying to start crunching numbers.


Hello. I have no sea how it was actually done, but have an idea that might point you in the right Googling direction.

I imagine that site someone posted above was done by having the PC version of the game and having something like Wireshark analyze the network packets to see how it was requesting that information.

When loading the leaderboards screen, the network request should be pretty isolated so… Yeah. Maybe that helps. Or not,


No there is no publically available data. I’ve asked the same question on Capcom unity. And I’m also a Big Data guy and I had some plans to crunch sole data myself. Unfortunately no public API, and Capcom isn’t much of a tech company, so I’d be shocked to ever see them release it.